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Science China-earth Sciences
Papers 3447
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Yanfeng Wu (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences), Guangxin Zhang (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences), Alain N. Rousseau15
Estimated H-index: 15
(Institut national de la recherche scientifique)
Despite recognizing the importance of hydrological function of wetlands, basin-scale wetlands services have rarely been investigated. The PHYSITEL/HYDROTEL modelling platform was used to quantitatively assess the impact of wetlands on quickflow and baseflow with paired simulation scenarios in Duobukuli River Basin, namely with wetlands and without wetlands. Simulation results showed that wetlands exert significant impact on basin hydrological processes by decreasing streamflow and altering strea...
Danhong Liu (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences), Lin Chen10
Estimated H-index: 10
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
There are usually abrupt changes in lithospheric thickness at the boundaries between ancient cratons and adjacent young mobile belts. Lateral variations in temperature and density between the two can trigger small-scale mantle convection (edge-driven convection, EDC). Here, we use two-dimensional thermal-mechanical simulations to explore the EDC caused by the lithospheric step between a craton and a mobile belt, and its role in the thinning of the craton lithosphere. The results show that the im...
Wan Bo21
Estimated H-index: 21
Estimated H-index: 87
+ -3 AuthorsRixiang Zhu52
Estimated H-index: 52
Guannan Geng14
Estimated H-index: 14
(Emory University),
Qingyang Xiao6
Estimated H-index: 6
(Emory University)
+ -3 AuthorsYang Liu37
Estimated H-index: 37
(Emory University)
China promulgated the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (the Action Plan) in 2013 and developed stringent control measures to mitigate fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution. Here, we investigated the PM2.5 chemical composition changes over eastern China associated with the Action Plan during 2013–2017 using satellite-based PM2.5 chemical composition data derived using CMAQ simulations and satellite inputs. The PM2.5 concentrations decreased considerably during this time as a r...
Chunlin Song3
Estimated H-index: 3
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences),
Genxu Wang14
Estimated H-index: 14
(CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
+ -3 AuthorsDaqing Yang (EC: Environment Canada)
River runoff in the Arctic and the Tibetan Plateau (TP) change significantly in recent decades. However, the mechanisms of the physical processes of permafrost river runoff change remain uncertain across large scale. This study investigated the mainstreams and tributaries of main Arctic and TP rivers dominated by permafrost and assessed the linkage between hydrological regime change and permafrost. The results show that the effects of permafrost on river runoff are highly dependent on the permaf...
Published on Oct 24, 2018in Science China-earth Sciences 2.26
Estimated H-index: 22
Yeyi Liu (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)+ 0 AuthorsXianmei Lang (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Based on numerical experiments undertaken with nine climate models, the glacier equilibrium line altitudes (ELAs) in western China during the last glacial maximum (LGM) are investigated to deepen our understanding of the surface environment on the Tibetan Plateau. Relative to the preindustrial period, the summer surface air temperatures decrease by 4–8°C while the annual precipitation decreases by an average of 25% across the Tibetan Plateau during the LGM. Under the joint effects of reductions ...