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Abstract This paper seeks to evaluate the access to Public Private Partnership (PPP) schools by examining their geographic distribution and the factors that predict whether a child enrolls in a public, PPP, or private school in Punjab, Pakistan using multiple micro data sets. The analysis shows that PPP schools are located in districts where high shares of children are out-of-school, unlike public and private schools. The results indicate that while private school students are the most likely to...
Abstract Gender inequality persists in certain science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) postsecondary fields. Notably, cross-national evidence suggests the STEM gender gap is smaller, not wider, in less developed nations. This is the first known case study to examine this gap within a developing country: Cambodia. This study investigates the following question: how does development – specifically socioeconomic and gender equity indicators – affect women’s share of enrollment in s...
Abstract Equity in the distribution of public resources is one of the dimensions of the Malawi economy that faces various trade-offs. Public services such as education are usually unequally distributed, and if so, there is a compromise on quality or efficiency. This article gives an assessment of the impact of the education funding scenario on equity and efficiency in Malawi’s secondary education. Education policy reform through the introduction of Free Primary Education brought an increase in a...
Abstract There have been many studies of the socio-economic background of students in developed countries; but – apart from extensive commentary on the gender gap – far fewer in developing countries. In Africa, this is mostly because the University record systems do not record corresponding data; and because the international standard household surveys such as DHS only ask about educational attainment of household members which of course mainly excludes current students. This paper uses the reco...
Abstract In general, a mission statement reflects the context in which a higher education institution operates. It’s also a direction setting statement indicating the direction required for effective strategic and operational decisions. This study examines how the highest ranked universities in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and North America compare in terms of their mission statements and how they communicate to their stakeholders and to the public about what their main purposes, values,...
Abstract Recent research on Civic and Ethical Education (CEE) in Ethiopia has revealed a need for improvement in a number of areas with regard to the current CEE curricula. These materials are currently oriented to a conservative form of civic education than on citizenship education, whose aims are more progressive. The essential problem identified in the present study is that CEE content does not match the Ethiopian Ministry of Education’s stated goals for CEE, including the promotion of global...
Abstract We investigate the educational and psychological benefits from participating in private supplementary tutoring in Mainland China. We use the 2013–2015 China Education Panel Survey data on junior high school students and a difference-in-difference and propensity score matching research design. Our results show that private tutoring is positively associated with higher English scores for rural students only. For all students and across most sub-groups, we find that private tutoring is ass...
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Abstract The present study aims to determine how much the quality of teaching varies among and within under-performing schools. 1266 classroom observations were conducted in 260 schools across Chile. An index of teaching quality was constructed to analyze its variance. It was found that only 4.8% of the variance is explained by the teacher’s school. This suggests that the variance in the quality of teaching is not among schools, but within teachers from the same school. These results are importa...
Abstract While school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) is increasingly on the agenda of international development agencies and national governments, there is little evidence on the policy processes that can more effectively address violence. Drawing on data from studies conducted during an innovative three year action research project with UNICEF and governments in Ethiopia, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire and Zambia, this paper explores the struggles of actors and organisations engaged in developing a...
Abstract This study compares the teaching effectiveness of cram school tutors and schoolteachers of English based on the perceptions of senior secondary students in Hong Kong. It adopts a sequential mixed-methods approach. The result from the online survey (N = 477) indicates that tutors are perceived to be more effective than schoolteachers in all identified aspects of effective teaching. However, the qualitative data from focus group interviews (n = 64) reveals a more complex picture. By probl...
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