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Reversible data hiding in encrypted images (RDHEI) is a widely used technique for privacy protection, which has been developed in many applications that require high confidentiality, authentication and integrity. Proposed RDHEI methods do not allow high embedding rate while ensuring losslessly recover the original image. Moreover, embedding computational complexity and embedding rate are not satisfactory when using public key encryption-based methods. This paper proposes a new fully reversible m...
The problem of the observer-based event-triggered control for a more general class of time-delay systems with actuators failure is investigated. Firstly, due to the system state cannot be measured in practice, a state feedback observer is used to reconstruct the state of the system. Then, based on the switching method, a solution for controller is derived such that the resulting closed-loop system is exponentially stable. Moreover, an event-triggered scheme is presented, which is defined as some...
This paper considers the dynamic output feedback (DOF) control problems for a class of uncertain discrete-time singularly perturbed systems by using reduced-order subsystems (ROSs). A sufficient condition in terms of a linear matrix inequality (LMI) is provided to guarantee the existence of the DOF controller of the ROSs. The corresponding controller gain matrices can be solved by the proposed LMIs. The results show that the DOF controller that is designed for the ROSs can stabilize the original...
This study presents two auxiliary variable-based identification algorithms for uncertain-input models. The auxiliary variable-based least squares algorithm can obtain unbiased parameter estimates by introducing suitable auxiliary variable vectors. Furthermore, an auxiliary variable-based recursive least squares algorithm is proposed to reduce the computational efforts. To validate the framework and algorithms developed, it has conducted a series of bench tests with computational experiments. The...
Affine projection algorithms have shown robustness against highly correlated input signals. To make the affine projection algorithm applicable for parameter estimation in wireless sensor networks, this work proposed a novel distributed affine projection algorithm by using the adapt-then-combine (ATC) scheme of the diffusion strategy. However, poorly performing nodes can potentially degrade to estimation performance. Thus, we develop an improved ATC diffusion affine projection algorithm (improved...
Image depth estimation is an important technology for obtaining scene depth for 3D images, and it has developed rapidly in the field of computer vision. In this paper, convolutional neural networks and conditional random fields are unified into a deep learning framework to build a computer vision model. First, based on the architecture of multiscale CNN and CRF, information of the scene image is obtained from computer video using depth learning, and then, a new frame model is built to predict th...
This paper presents a novel symmetrical phase frequency detector (PFD) sensitive to the falling edge of input clocks. Notably, the new PFD has an open-loop structure and no reset path, since UP and DN (outputs of the PFD) are never allowed to reach logic high simultaneously. Hence, the blind zone is completely eliminated in this case. Dead zone has been reduced to a great extent about 68 fs. Meanwhile, the proposed PFD is reliably capable of detecting from 0° to 360°, even 180° phase difference ...
This article presents the low-power ternary arithmetic logic unit (ALU) design in carbon nanotube field-effect transistor (CNFET) technology. CNFET unique characteristic of geometry-dependent threshold voltage is employed in the multi-valued logic design. The ternary logic benefit of reduced circuit overhead is exploited by embedding multiple modules within a block. The existence of symmetric literals among various single shift and dual shift operators in addition and subtraction operations resu...
Viterbi algorithm (VA) on time frequency (TF) distribution is a highly performed instantaneous frequency (IF) estimator. However, inaccurate IFs may be tracked due to switch problem in VA when signal components are overlapped on the TF plane. In order to address the problem, this paper first assumes the IF linearity in the overlapped TF regions should not change much, then, a new penalty function describing the variation of IF linearity based on the linear least square fitting technique is devel...
The total variability model (TVM)/probabilistic linear discriminant analysis (PLDA) framework is one of the most popular methods for speaker verification. In this framework, the i-vector representations are first extracted from utterances via an estimated TVM and then employed to estimate the PLDA parameters for classification. The TVM and PLDA are estimated serially, so the information loss in the TVM is inherited by the i-vectors, and then passed into the PLDA classifier. More seriously, this ...
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