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In order to improve the heat transfer in enclosure structure of passive houses in cold area with complex climatic conditions, a three-dimensional model is established to investigate the time-by-case changes of outdoor temperature and solar irradiation based on the principle of integral change and the method of response coefficient and harmonious wave reaction. The variations of hourly cooling and heating loads with outdoor temperature and solar irradiation are analyzed. As simulated by cloud com...
Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems is an important approach to guarantee the human safety of these systems. Therefore, the implementation of a FDI framework is required to reduce the energy needs for buildings and improving indoor environment quality. The main goal of this paper is to merge the benefits of multiscale representation, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), and Machine Learning (ML) classifiers to improve the efficiency of ...
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Methanol as a hydrogen carrier can be reformed with steam over Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts. In this paper a comprehensive pseudo-homogenous model of a multi-tubular packed-bed reformer has been developed to investigate the impact of operating conditions and geometric parameters on its performance. A kinetic Langmuir-Hinshelwood model of the methanol steam reforming process was proposed based on the work of Peppley et al. [1]. In addition to the kinetic model, the pressure drop and the mass and heat t...
This numerical study was conducted to investigate the flow properties in a model scramjet configuration of the experiment in the T4 shock tunnel. In most numerical simulations of flows in shock tunnels, the inflow conditions in the test section are determined by assuming the thermal equilibrium of the gas. To define the inflow conditions in the test section, the numerical simulation of the nozzle flow with the given nozzle reservoir conditions from the experiment is conducted by a thermochemical...
: This publication presents a coordination mechanism for neighboring photovoltaic (PV) battery systems with local optimizing energy management (EM). The aim of this coordination is a high degree of self-sufficiency for the neighborhood while maintaining a high individual degree of self-sufficiency and relieving the grid. A financial incentive to increase the energy exchanged within the neighborhood is introduced. The local EM of the individual PV battery system uses model predictive control base...
Star-connected multiphase AC drives are being considered for electromovility applications such as electromechanical actuators (EMA), where high power density and fault tolerance is demanded. As for three-phase systems, common-mode voltage (CMV) is an issue for multiphase drives. CMV leads to shaft voltages between rotor and stator windings, generating bearing currents which accelerate bearing degradation and produce high electromagnetic interferences (EMI). CMV effects can be mitigated by using ...
Many civilian applications of commercial unmanned aircraft are being planned to operate in the years ahead. Several countries have developed their own framework to design the operation of unmanned aircraft and the different services that demand safe operation. This paper focuses on the European framework denoted as U-space which concludes with the joint integration of manned and unmanned aircraft in the airspace. U-space is a set of novel services and specific procedures designed to provide safe...
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The paper presents a system of two oppositely connected multi-sectional thyristor branches. The system works as a multi-sectional arc eliminator (MSAE), protecting low-voltage electrical apparatus against the effects of an arcing fault. MSAE is designed to serve as a device cooperating with protected and secured electrical equipment. The use of thyristors in the proposed solution allows to obtain a high speed of operation, while multi-sectional thyristor branches significantly increase the permi...
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The building sector presents poor performance in terms of energy efficiency and is looking for effective alternatives aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels. The facade is a key element able to harness renewable energy as an Active Solar Thermal Facade (ASTF). The main purpose of this study is the assessment of a novel design concept based on a steel sandwich panel technology. The performance of the active system will be first addressed by a parametric study in order to analyze its behavior a...
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The emissions of greenhouse gases, especially CO2, have been identified as the main contributor for global warming and climate change. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is considered to be the most promising strategy to mitigate the anthropogenic CO2 emissions. This review aims to provide the latest developments of CO2 storage from the perspective of improving safety and economics. The mechanisms and strategies of CO2 storage, focusing on their characteristics and current status, are discussed fi...
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