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The introduction of transshipment ports in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain in recent years offers additional flexibility, but also challenges to the planning of the annual delivery program. We present a new variant of the LNG-annual delivery program (ADP) planning problem by considering transshipment as well as time-dependent sailing times. We present a continuous time formulation for the LNG-ADP problem and propose a rolling horizon heuristic to solve the problem. Both the model an...
After over 20 years of development in Daqingzijiang Oilfield, isolated sand bodies under the delta front and pro-delta in the Qingshankou Formation(qn)have become important oil and gas reservoir bodies. However, the cause for large amounts of isolated bar sand bodies in the lake-basin delta sediment system has not been reported in China. This article, through core observation, reveals plenty of evidence that there storm waves once existed. Combined with paleogeography and hydrodynamic force anal...
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Last. Wei-Hsin ChenH-Index: 46
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As a promising alternative renewable liquid fuel, biodiesel production has increased and eventually led to an increase in the production of its by-product, crude glycerol. The vast generation of glycerol has surpassed the market demand. Hence, the crude glycerol produced should be utilized effectively to increase the viability of biodiesel production. One of them is through crude glycerol upgrading, which is not economical. A good deal of attention has been dedicated to research for alternative ...
This paper presents a novel maximum power point tracking method for photovoltaic inverters with a single phase connection to the onboard 400Hz vehicle or aircraft grid, supplying drives operating in a critical mode. By taking into account that the power fluctuations cause voltage ripples at the termini of photovoltaic panels connected to the DC-link capacitor, this paper proposes a conductance base maximum power point tracking method. The impact of varying voltage has been reduced to ensure the ...
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Last. Jens Ejbye SchmidtH-Index: 29
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In this review, we focus on the literature that described the various unit operations in a process design flowsheet of biorefineries. We begin by establishing the accepted definitions of a biorefinery, go on to describe how to categorize biorefineries, and finally review the literature on biorefinery process designs by listing the unit operation in each process design. Distinguishing biorefineries based on feedstock, the types of processing units, and the products emanating from the biorefinery ...
Last. Michał KrzyżaniakH-Index: 14
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Bioenergy accounts for 61.7% of all renewable energy sources, with solid fuels accounting for 43% of this amount. Poplar plantations can deliver woody biomass for energy purposes. A field experiment with poplar was located in the north-east of Poland on good quality soil formed from medium loam. The study aimed to determine the yield, the energy value of the yield and the thermophysical properties and elemental composition of the biomass of four poplar clones harvested in two consecutive 4-year ...
Sugarcane harvesting requires a significant amount of energy and time to manage dry leaves after the harvesting process. Therefore, the objective of this study was to minimize the energy requirement to process the cane and dry leaves’ harvesting (CDLH) for sugarcane while, at the same time, maximizing sugar production from cane and energy from dry leaves in Sri Lanka. The CDLH was conceptualized using a novel approach to optimize sugarcane harvesting to maximize biomass supply for energy product...
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Last. Krzysztof ChwastekH-Index: 13
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In the present paper, the effect of temperature on the shape of magnetic hysteresis loops for a magnetocaloric composite core was studied. The composite core, based on La(Fe, Mn, Si)13-H, was set up using three component disks with different Curie temperatures. The magnetic properties of the components and the outcome composite core were determined using a self-developed measurement setup. For the description of hysteresis loops, the phenomenological T(x) model was used. The presented methodolog...
This study investigates the effects of Angola’s agricultural, manufacturing, and mineral exports on the country’s economic growth using data from 1980 to 2017. An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) model is employed to estimate the effect of sectoral exports on economic growth. The estimation results show that while exports from all three sectors (manufacturing, mineral, and non-mineral) have driven Angola’s economic growth in the long-run; only non-manufacturing (agricultural and mineral) ex...
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Fixed exposure will lead to underexposure or overexposure of collected flame radiation images using CCD, which has a great influence on the temperature measuring accuracy. A temperature measurement method was proposed by image fusion with multi-exposure, which can eliminate the influence of insufficient underexposure and overexposure. The approach was first to acquire a group of flame radiation images during different exposures. Then a partial region with good exposure effect in each radiation i...
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