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Mobile Networks and Applications
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Published on Jan 3, 2019in Mobile Networks and Applications 2.50
Haisheng Yu1
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Heng Qi9
Estimated H-index: 9
Keqiu Li16
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In 1976, Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman introduced the public key cryptography or asymmetric cryptography standards. Two years later, an asymmetric cryptosystem was published by Ralph Merkle and Martin Hellman called MH, based on a variant of knapsack problem known as the subset-sum problem which is proven to be NP-hard. Furthermore, over the last four decades, Metaheuristics have achieved a remarkable progress in solving NP-hard optimization problems. However, the conception of these metho...
Published on Feb 1, 2019in Mobile Networks and Applications 2.50
S Geetha (CMR Institute of Technology), P Deepalakshmi
The tour of sensor is astounding. Researchers are recognizing the problems of storing sensors on cloud and preserved in a remarkable way. Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks are diverse with skills. These diverse technology applications can be supported with efficient use of sensors. Sensors are defined as small hardware devices utilized in different applications. But the major issue with sensor is degradation in battery. A sensor, which is not promulgating the packets, is identified as voi...
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Published on Jan 3, 2019in Mobile Networks and Applications 2.50
Bo Li6
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Lijun Qian + 1 AuthorsShihai Shao
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Published on Oct 23, 2018in Mobile Networks and Applications 2.50
Abdur Rakib1
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(University of the West of England),
Ijaz Uddin2
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(University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus)
Over the last few years, context-aware computing has received a growing amount of attention among the researchers in the IoT and ubiquitous computing community. In principle, context-aware computing transforms a physical environment into a smart space by sensing the surrounding environment and interpreting the situation of the user. This process involves three major steps: context acquisition, context modelling, and context-aware reasoning. Among other approaches, ontology-based context modellin...
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Published on Feb 22, 2019in Mobile Networks and Applications 2.50
The current big data era has placed new challenges for the study and application of information management (IM). In this paper we visualized how IM evolved over thirty-six years (1980–2015). An author co-citation analysis was applied to a dataset extracted from Web of Science Core Collection®. To map the evolution, a longitudinal perspective was carried out by partitioning three homogeneous sub-periods of twelve years (1980–1991, 1992–2003, and 2004–2015). The 10% of most cited authors in each s...
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Published on Feb 13, 2019in Mobile Networks and Applications 2.50
Physical layer security has gained an increasing attention due to its efficiency and simplicity as compared to other conventional security protocols. Thus, it has been recently nominated for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. In this paper, a novel key distribution mechanism is proposed for IoT networks. The proposed mechanism exploits the channel diversity to distribute encryption keys among nodes within the network. A main novelty aspect of the proposed mechanism is that it guarantees dist...
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