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Before Greenhalgh and colleagues’ excellent article on assessing patients remotely for covid-19 was published,1 my practice had made lists of “covid likely” patients based on consultations and out-of-hours reports. We had begun supporting these patients remotely by phone or video to assess, reassure, and determine if escalation was required. This service is deeply appreciated by anxious patients, desperate for a consistent trusted voice, and plays to our strengths …
Mounting criticism of UK ministers’ failure to prevent the spread of covid-19 through care homes has been fanned by the leak of a government report from two years ago warning that the country was ill prepared for the next pandemic. Based on the findings of a government simulation of a flu pandemic, codenamed Exercise Cygnus, the 57 page Public Health England document, passed to the Guardian , concluded that the UK would be unable to cope with the “extreme demands” of a flu-like pandemic. In part...
The Hong Kong government has begun to distribute reusable face masks to all residents, as part of its strategy to protect the city’s 7.5 million people from covid-19.1 In addition, all households will be supplied with 10 single use surgical masks, 30 million in total, in late June. The CuMask+ was developed by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel and is manufactured locally and in Vietnam. It has six layers, two infused with copper, which is capable of immobilising bacteria, ...
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### What you need to know ### Case scenario A 30 year old primiparous woman is delighted to find herself pregnant and comes to your surgery for confirmation of the pregnancy. You discover that she is smoking 20 cigarettes a day, and she is worried that she went to a friend’s wedding around the time of conception and drank so much that she couldn’t remember what had happened until the next day. She also reports occasional recreational use of cannabis. #### Next steps Advise her of the risks of sm...
People from Asian and black ethnic backgrounds are at increased risk of dying from covid-19 and, contrary to speculation, this can only be partly explained by comorbidity, deprivation, or other risk factors, according to data from the largest study to date.1 The pseudonymised health data of over 17.4 million adults in the UK, which included 5683 hospital deaths attributed to covid-19, was analysed using the OpenSAFELY analytics platform. The study, which is published as a preprint before peer re...
A 7 year old boy is set to win millions of pounds in damages from the NHS because doctors missed deliberate injuries when he was brought to hospital within weeks of his birth and allowed him to go home with his parents.1 Chest radiography showed healing rib fractures, but these were missed by hospital staff, and further investigations that would have led to the involvement of social services were not carried out. An anonymity order is in place, and neither boy nor trust can be identified. Within...
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap outlining how England will take its first steps out of lockdown, unveiled on 10 May, risks a second spike in cases, doctors have warned. More stringent lockdown measures will remain in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, where governments are setting slower routes out of lockdown and will retain the “stay at home” message being abandoned in England. Johnson said that, in England, there will be a change of emphasis from “only go to work if you must” to an...
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In a fast expanding epidemic, after the surge is contained by physical distancing, the public health option of choice is to control the contact of new cases.1 This has worked in the past and with covid-19 in parts of Asia and in New Zealand with physical distancing234 and in other Asian countries without physical distancing or recourse to lockdown.567 Elimination, not suppression, is the goal. Public health staff …
General practices have been left without access to many thousands of covid-19 test results for their patients carried out at drive-through centres in England. The centres, whose logistics are being handled by the private company Deloitte, have conducted hundreds of thousands of covid-19 tests as part of “pillar 2” of the government’s testing programme. The government said when it launched the scheme in March that results would be linked to patients’ GP medical records and shared with practices a...
Consultant paediatrician Anna Baverstock talks to Helen Jones about why she loves her specialty and her work helping senior clinicians to model good wellbeing practices
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