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#1Jessica L. King (UofU: University of Utah)
#2Beth A. Reboussin (Wake Forest University)H-Index: 40
Last.Erin L. Sutfin (Wake Forest University)H-Index: 23
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Abstract Background E-cigarettes are the most prevalent tobacco product among US youth, but little is known about the health symptoms users experience. Methods Between August 2016 and May 2017, we conducted a nationally representative cross-sectional telephone survey of 975 US youth ages 13-17. Respondents who reported ever trying e-cigarettes were asked whether they ever experienced six physical health symptoms they thought were caused by e-cigarette use. We examined whether symptoms varied by ...
#1Christopher P. Salas-Wright (BU: Boston University)H-Index: 23
#2Michael G. Vaughn (SLU: Saint Louis University)H-Index: 45
Last.Seth J. Schwartz (UM: University of Miami)H-Index: 60
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Abstract Background It is estimated that more than 4 million Venezuelans have left their country as a direct result of their nation’s widespread social and economic challenges. Although recent research identifies Venezuela as one of the nations with the highest rates of harmful alcohol consumption in the Americas, no research has been conducted on alcohol use among Venezuelan youth in diaspora. Methods Data was collected between November 2018 and June 2019 from 373 Venezuelan immigrant youth age...
#1Julie V. Cristello (FIU: Florida International University)H-Index: 1
#2Elisa M. TruccoH-Index: 14
Last.Robert A. Zucker (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 47
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Abstract The relationship between adolescent sport involvement and later substance use (SU) has been unclear. Understanding the pathways through which sport involvement influences SU may help identify targets for prevention. Using a sample of 535 adolescents from the Michigan Longitudinal Study (MLS; 67.29% male, 78.13% European American), this study prospectively examined whether aggression during late adolescence mediated the association between sport involvement during early adolescence and a...
#1Emily Lowthian (Cardiff University)
#2Graham Moore (Cardiff University)H-Index: 27
Last.Simon Christopher Moore (Cardiff University)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Previous measures of parental substance use have often paid limited attention to the co-occurrence of alcohol and drugs, or to the between-parent dynamics in the use of substances. These shortcomings may have important implications for our understandings of the relationship between parental substance use and child wellbeing. Using data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, a UK community-based cohort study from 1990 onwards (n=9,451), we identified groups of parental...
#1Anka A. Vujanovic (UH: University of Houston)H-Index: 13
#2Lia J. Smith (UH: University of Houston)H-Index: 5
Last.Joy M. Schmitz (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)H-Index: 37
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Abstract The co-occurrence of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance use disorders (SUD) is highly prevalent and difficult-to-treat. Mindfulness, defined as nonjudgmental attention to and awareness of present-moment experiences, represents a targetable mechanism with potential to predict and improve treatment outcomes for PTSD/SUD populations. We hypothesized that greater self-reported mindfulness at baseline (pre-treatment) would predict (a) lower end-of-treatment PTSD severity and ...
#1Michael W. Otto (BU: Boston University)H-Index: 53
#2David Rosenfield (SMU: Southern Methodist University)H-Index: 42
Last.Stacey N. Doan (CMC: Claremont McKenna College)H-Index: 13
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Abstract Research to date provides striking evidence that youth from low socio-economic status (SES) households are at an increased risk for smoking. Converging evidence from developmental studies, psychopathology studies, intervention studies, and basic research on self-control abilities have identified working memory and distress tolerance as potential crucial modifiable risk factors to prevent smoking onset in this cohort. To confirm the value of these mechanistic targets, this randomized tri...
#1Alberto Mateo-Urdiales (University of Liverpool)H-Index: 1
#2Gregorio Barrio Anta (ISCIII: Carlos III Health Institute)H-Index: 2
Last.Enrique Regidor Poyatos (Complutense University of Madrid)H-Index: 45
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Abstract Introduction The objective was to assess changes in drug- and alcohol-related mortality by educational attainment during the last financial crisis in Spain Methods Data came from the 2001 Census Longitudinal Study. We included 22.2 million residents in Spain aged ≥35 at census date followed-up until December 2011. Outcomes were drug-related mortality (DRM) and deaths directly attributable to alcohol (DDA). Mortality risks before and during the crisis were assessed using age-standardized...
#1Daniel L. King (Flinders University)
#2Alex Russell (Central Queensland University)H-Index: 18
Last.Dean Polisena (University of Adelaide)
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Abstract Monetized video games have received academic and regulatory scrutiny following concerns that these products may foster addiction-like behaviors, including compulsive spending. Previous studies have reported that individuals with markedly higher in-game financial expenditure are more likely to endorse symptoms of addictive behavior (i.e., gaming or gambling disorder). The present study recruited 428 adult Fortnite players from online forums and investigated gaming motivations and behavio...
#1Paulien A W Nuyts (PHRI: Public Health Research Institute)H-Index: 1
#2Mirte A. G. Kuipers (PHRI: Public Health Research Institute)H-Index: 10
Last.Anton E. Kunst (PHRI: Public Health Research Institute)H-Index: 75
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Abstract Background The Netherlands increased the tobacco age-of-sale from 16 to 18 in 2014, paired with mass-media campaigns. We evaluated changes in perceived accessibility of cigarettes between 2013 and 2016 among adolescent never-smokers in the Netherlands compared with Belgium, where the age-of-sale remained 16 and no campaigns were conducted. Methods Repeated cross-sectional surveys were conducted in 2013 and 2016 among 4,112 13-17-year-olds at a total of 22 schools in Amersfoort (the Neth...
#1Julia D. Buckner (LSU: Louisiana State University)H-Index: 36
#2Elizabeth M. Lewis (LSU: Louisiana State University)H-Index: 1
Last.Richard G. Heimberg (TU: Temple University)H-Index: 88
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Abstract Social anxiety is related to more drinking in high-risk drinking situations and to more drinking-related problems. Given the rise in mindfulness-based interventions for social anxiety, it is important to test whether drinking impacts outcomes among individuals with clinically elevated social anxiety. Undergraduates with clinically elevated social anxiety were randomly assigned to mindfulness training (n = 29) or thinking-as-usual control (n = 29). They were encouraged to practice mindfu...
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