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The cooling-induced formation of hydrate in aqueous NaCl solutions was probed using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS). It was found that the NaCl hydrate formation is accompanied with emergence of four new absorption peaks at 1.60, 2.43, 3.34 and 3.78 THz. Combining the X-ray diffraction measurement with the solid-state based density functional theory (DFT) calculations, we assign the observed terahertz absorption peaks to the vibrational modes of the formed NaCl⋅2H2O hydrate during c...
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Electronically excited nitrogen atoms N(2D) are important species in the photochemistry of N2 based planetary atmospheres such as Titan. Despite this, few N(2D) reactions have been studied over the appropriate low temperature range. During the present work, rate constants were measured for the N(2D) + ethene (C2H4) reaction using a supersonic flow reactor at temperatures between 50 K and 296 K. Here, a chemical reaction was used to generate N(2D) atoms , which were detected directly by laser ind...
The gas phase vibrational spectra of reactive (H2 and O2,) and inert gases (N2 and Ar) have been studied by near-ambient pressure ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (NAPUPS) up to 0.3 mbar pressure. Results obtained is divided into two parts and discussed. In the first part, photoelectron spectrum of monoatomic Ar and some homonuclear diatomic molecules, like H2, O2, and N2, has been measured by NAPUPS and the effect of pressure on their energy position. It has been demonstrated that NAPUPS ...
The investigations relevant to ionic liquids (ILs) as the antibacterial agents have drawn considerable attentions. However, the high cost and potential toxicity of ILs have severely limited their extensive applications, which motivate researchers to design cheap and health-benign ILs. In this work, the interaction between the hydrated zwitter-ionic phospholipid (POPC) bilayer and a series of hypothetical amino cation-based and acetate anion-based ILs with different counterparts was investigated ...
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Mixing at small fluidic length scales is especially challenging in viscous and non-volatile droplets frequently encountered in bio-chemical assays. In-situ methods of mixing which depend on diffusion or evaporation driven capillary flow are typically slow and inefficient while thermal or electro-capillary methods are either complicated to implement or may cause sample denaturing. This article demonstrates enhanced mixing timescale in a sessile droplet of glycerol by simply introducing a droplet ...
Atmospheric CO_2is one of the main components of green-house effect. To overcome this problem there are ongoing efforts to convert CO_2to some other useful and harmless products. Capture, activation and dissociation of CO_2are the preliminary steps in this process. In an effort to understand the role of surface composition and structure on CO_2adsorption and dissociation, in this work, with the help of first principles density functional theory based calculations, we have studied the...
In this study we present the results from two in situ X-ray diffraction computed tomography experiments of catalytic membrane reactors (CMRs) using Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3−δ (BSCF) hollow fibre membranes and Na-Mn-W/SiO2 catalyst during the oxidative coupling of methane (OCM) reaction. The negative impact of CO2, when added to the inlet gas stream, is seen to be mainly related to the C2+ yield, while no evidence of carbonate phase(s) formation is found during the OCM experiments. The main degrada...
The infrared spectra of jet-cooled methyl anthranilate (MA) and the MA-H2O complex are reported in both S0 and S1 states, recorded using fluorescence-dip infrared (FDIR) spectroscopy under jet-cooled conditions. Using a combination of local mode CH stretch modeling and scaled harmonic vibrational character, a near-complete assignment of the infrared spectra is possible over the 1400-3700 cm-1 region. While the NH stretch fundamentals are easily observed in the S0 spectrum, in the S1 state, the h...
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Electronic excitation and concomitant energy transfer leading to Penning ionization in argon-acetylene clusters generated in a supersonic expansion are investigated with synchrotron-based photoionization mass spectrometry and electronic structure calculations. Spectral features in the photoionization efficiency of the mixed argon-acetylene clusters reveal a blue shift from the 2P1/2 and 2P3/2 excited states of atomic argon. Analysis of this feature suggests that excited states of argon clusters ...
Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) is a widely used fluorescent probe in the life sciences and biosciences due to its high quantum yield and extinction coefficient, and its ability to bind to biological systems of interest. This study measures the fluorescence lifetime of GFP in sucrose/water solutions of known molarity in order to determine the refractive index dependent lifetime of GFP. A range of refractive indices from 1.43 – 1.53 were probed by levitating micron sized droplets composed of wate...
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