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Although resource dependence theory (RDT) has substantially deepened the understanding of the function and role of boards, no systematic review of this body of work has yet been undertaken. The purpose of this paper is to synthesize prior research on the strategically relevant resources provided by board members to their organization in the light of RDT and indicate avenues for future research.,The review covers 79 research articles from 1978 to 2016 dealing with the resource provision of boards...
The purpose of this paper is to examine the individual and joint effects of the two design dimensions, form design and functional design, and moderating role of product innovativeness and technological sophistication in consumer’s evaluation of new products. Employing theoretical underpinnings from categorization theory, this paper investigates two major research questions. First, what type of form is more advantageous for a radically new product or an incrementally new product? Second, is there...
The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of chief executive officer (CEO) power on corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance.,The authors use regression analysis to investigate the research question.,Using a 23-year panel sample with 1,574 unique US firms and 8,575 firm-year observations, the authors find a significant and negative relation between CEO power and CSR, suggesting that firms with more powerful CEOs engage in less CSR activities.,The results reveal that more powerf...
The purpose of this paper is to investigate potential differences in experienced and inexperienced workers’ interpretations of recruitment ads.,The paper uses a between subjects design to compare responses to recruitment advertisements. The advertisements varied in terms of compensation information.,Work experience did not alter perceptions of organizational culture but it did affect levels of organizational attraction. The implication is that all workers interpret recruitment advertisements in ...
The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of action visibility in moderating the relationship between firm response and individual legitimacy judgment. Since a firm may decouple its public commitment from its actual practice to cope with conflicting stakeholder interests, visibility is important for consumers to make judgment because it is difficult for them to observe a firm’s actual fulfillment of its public commitment to quality assurance after a product-harm crisis.,Scenario-based mix...
In this era of globalization, managers are constantly facing uncertainties. To meet all risks successfully, substantial investments have been made in setting up an enterprise risk management system (ERMS) and a performance measurement system (PMS) with the aim of ensuring sustainable growth. At the same time, it remains unclear whether the success of ERMS and PMS does truly enhance the financial performance of an organization. This research arose out of the desire to examine this relationship by...
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Purpose The purpose of this paper is to determine how best to build online advocates for a food company’s brand based on data available from the brand’s Facebook pages. Specific research objectives are to study examine whether incentivizing actions such as “liking,” sharing or commenting on a brand’s Facebook impacts the brand community’s sentiment and engagement with the brand, and whether such engagement is different for different actions (e.g. liking vs sharing). Design/methodology/approach T...
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