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#1Seema MiglaniH-Index: 1
#2Kamran Ahmed (La Trobe University)H-Index: 20
Last. Darren Henry (La Trobe University)H-Index: 10
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We examine the relationship between ownership and outside director attributes and corporate turnaround outcomes using matched samples of 99 turnaround and 99 non-turnaround listed Australian firms ...
#1Sarah Fischer (Deakin University)
#2Shannon HyderH-Index: 6
Last. Arlene Walker (Deakin University)H-Index: 11
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Trust is a contemporary topic, as society is losing trust in prominent institutions. Understanding trust in the workplace is critical, yet, a consensus around trust as unidimensional or multidimens...
#1Lu Jiao (Macquarie University)H-Index: 2
#2Kevin Baird (Macquarie University)H-Index: 15
Last. Graeme Harrison (Macquarie University)H-Index: 2
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This article examines the effect of regulatory search on firm innovativeness using survey data from Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Australian listed and private firms. We used a self-developed ...
#1Matthew GrosseH-Index: 3
#2Nelson Ma (UTS: University of Technology, Sydney)H-Index: 1
Last. Tom Scott (AUT: Auckland University of Technology)H-Index: 6
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Regulators and previous research have expressed concern about the effect of compensation consultants on CEO pay. We use the Australian setting, where fees for both compensation and other consulting...
#1Blake Loriot (Monash University)
#2Elaine Hutson (Monash University)H-Index: 12
Last. Hue Hwa Au Yong (Monash University)H-Index: 6
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Using a sample of 268 Australian firms over the period 2009–2014, we examine the relation between the equity-linked compensation (shares and options) of Australian executives – CEOs, CFOs and direc...
#1Daniel Cahill (UWA: University of Western Australia)H-Index: 2
#2Kingsley Y. L. Fong (UNSW: University of New South Wales)H-Index: 12
Last. Joey Wenling Yang (UWA: University of Western Australia)H-Index: 4
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This article examines the informational volatility – the permanent component of volatility that is driven by information – and its effect on stock liquidity provision. Using option-implied volatili...
#1Adrian Melia (Northumbria University)H-Index: 2
#2Paul Docherty (Monash University)H-Index: 6
Last. Steve Easton (Northumbria University)H-Index: 2
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The rarity of rights issues in the United States makes it difficult to examine the choice between alternative seasoned equity offering (SEO) methods in that market. In Australia, however, both righ...
#1Peter Jeffrey Jordan (Griffith University)H-Index: 22
#2Ashlea Clare Troth (Griffith University)H-Index: 14
Authors are experiencing increasing competition for their articles to be published. One way of ensuring their work is given the best chance of being published is to underpin their research with rig...
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#1Chieh-Peng Lin (NCTU: National Chiao Tung University)H-Index: 1
#2Meng-Keng Tsai (NCTU: National Chiao Tung University)H-Index: 1
Drawing upon human capital theory and attachment theory, this study develops a research model that examines how on-the-job training (OJT) effectiveness and work engagement play key mediating roles ...
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#1J Crawford (UTAS: University of Tasmania)H-Index: 2
#2S DawkinsH-Index: 6
Last. G Lewis (UTAS: University of Tasmania)H-Index: 5
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Increasingly poor and unethical decision-making on the part of leaders across the globe, such as the recent Australian Cricket Ball Tampering Scandal, pose a significant challenge for society and for organisations. Authentic leadership development is one strategy that has been positioned as an antidote to unethical leadership behaviours. However, despite growing interest in authentic leadership, the construct still embodies several criticisms including conceptual clarity; leader-centricity; bias...
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