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Published on Jul 23, 2018
Christopher Claassen6
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(Glas.: University of Glasgow)
Public support is crucial for the survival of democracy. Existing research has argued that democracy fortunately appears to create its own demand: the presence of a democratic system plus the passage of time produces a supportive public as citizens learn about democracy and the freedoms and responsive government it provides. Using new panel measures of democratic mood varying over 134 countries and up to 30 years, this paper finds no such effect. Instead, it demonstrates a thermostatic effect of...
Published on Jul 16, 2016
Pablo Montagnes1
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Stephane Wolton1
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This paper contends that mass purges are a salient method of top-down accountability used by totalitarian regimes to increase party performance and shape party membership. In our theoretical framework, party members work on independent projects. Their fate, however, is linked through the purge, and a member’s effort depends on the activism of all others via what we call the pool size effect. In turn, the autocrat’s incentive to purge depends on the informativeness of different performance indica...
Published on May 31, 2019in American Political Science Review3.90
Graeme Blair5
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Jasper Cooper + 1 AuthorsMacartan Humphreys23
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