The Holocene
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Monte Castelo, an archeological shell mound located on the southwestern periphery of the Amazon basin, is an artificial forest island occupied from the Middle to late-Holocene, and it contains one ...
#1Yu Gao (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
#2Jishuai Yang (Lanzhou University)
Last. Xiaoyan Yang (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 20
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Located in the central Eurasia, the Tibetan Plateau (TP) is a key area for the spread of culture, technology, and species. However, the Plateau’s role in the prehistoric food globalization has been...
#1Lijing Wang (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
#2Yongqiang WangH-Index: 1
Last. Guilin Zhang (TJU: Tianjin University)H-Index: 2
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Exploring ancient socio-economic adaptation is a basic issue of human-environment interaction. Xinjiang in northwest China is a region of high geographic diversity. Past human adaptations to this a...
#1Noel Amano (MPG: Max Planck Society)H-Index: 9
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The tropical forests of the Philippine Archipelago are some of the most threatened in the 21st century. Among the most prominent threats are the introduction of new plant and animal species, as well as new forms of land management (e.g. plantations), that have accompanied industrial expansion. Such threats have a potentially long-term history and prehistory in the Philippines, not just as a consequence of Spanish colonial administration and land-use changes from the 16th century, but also in the...
#1Liu Yang (Lanzhou University)
#2Minmin Ma (Lanzhou University)H-Index: 6
Last. Peng Lu
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The introduction of wheat into China between ~4500 and 4000 cal. a BP is thought to have restructured the ancient Chinese agricultural system and contributed to the formation and development of Chi...
#1Danny McCarroll (Swansea University)H-Index: 46
Last. Christopher Bronk Ramsey (University of Oxford)H-Index: 50
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We test a recent prediction that stable carbon isotope ratios from UK oaks will display age-trends of more than 4‰ per century by measuring >5400 carbon isotope ratios from the late-wood alpha-cell...
#1Jing Huang (ECNU: East China Normal University)
#2Shao LeiH-Index: 1
Last. Zhanghua Wang (ECNU: East China Normal University)H-Index: 22
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Coastal wetlands provided a favorable settling site for Neolithic people because of their highly exploitable biomass, but were vulnerable to marine hazards such as coastal flooding. The Chinese Hem...
#1Guanghui Dong (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
#2Linyao Du (Lanzhou University)
Last. Wenyu Wei (Lanzhou University)
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Transcontinental exchange emerged and intensified in northern China since the late fifth millennium BP (Before present), especially in the arc, which was the core area of the eastern part of the tr...
#1Mauro N. Tammone (CONICET: National Scientific and Technical Research Council)H-Index: 4
#2Eileen A. Lacey (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 25
Last. Ulyses F. J. Pardiñas (Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad)H-Index: 4
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Temporal differences in fossil assemblages of small mammals can generate important insights into associated environmental conditions. Moreover, by including modern assemblages in such comparisons, ...
#1Dominika Łuców (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)H-Index: 2
#2Mariusz Lamentowicz (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)H-Index: 32
Last. Michał Słowiński (PAN: Polish Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 15
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This paper presents the results of multiproxy research (pollen, charcoal, plant macrofossil and testate amoebae) on the biogenic deposits core from Gorodetsky Moch, an ombrotrophic peatland in west...
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