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#1Jana Klánová (Masaryk University)H-Index: 37
#2Robert Barouki (Paris V: Paris Descartes University)H-Index: 40
The exposure of populations to a wide range of chemicals through their outdoor and indoor environments, food, water and consumer products is a matter of growing concern for the public and health authorities. Chemical risk governance is complicated by a lack of knowledge on the composition of chemical mixtures to which populations are exposed, their spatial variability and major drivers of their toxicity, as well as long-term changes in the chemical exposures with respect to age, gender and occup...
#1Silvia Riva (St Mary's University, Twickenham)H-Index: 13
It is difficult enough to persuade people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as eating well, doing physical exercise or avoiding smoking— all of which have a direct impact on their lives ; however, it is an even greater challenge to persuade them to take significant actions for the future benefit of others. One such challenge is related to the protection of our environment. Unfortunately, people consider environmental protection as a separate domain to health protection, but it is not: the envir...
#1Viviane S Straatmann (University of Liverpool)H-Index: 4
#2Eric T C Lai (University of Liverpool)H-Index: 1
Last.David Taylor-Robinson (University of Liverpool)H-Index: 57
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Background Reducing inequalities in adolescent mental health is a public health priority, yet the pathways that link social conditions to mental health outcomes in the early years are unclear. We aimed to evaluate the extent to which early years risk factors explain social inequalities in adolescent mental health in the UK. Methods We analysed data from 6509 children captured in the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Mental health was assessed through the socioemotional behavioural problems at age 14 (...
#1Linda Dunder (Uppsala University)H-Index: 5
#2Margareta Halin Lejonklou (Uppsala University)H-Index: 10
Last.Lars Lind (Uppsala University)H-Index: 98
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Background Mounting evidence from both experimental and epidemiological studies suggest that exposure to the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) has a role in metabolic disorders. The aim of the present study was to assess whether urinary BPA concentrations were associated with dyslipidaemia in children (≤17 years old) and adults (≥18 years old) by performing a meta-analysis of data from six cycles (2003–2014) in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Methods We conduct...
Objectives To examine the association between effort–reward imbalance and incident long-term benzodiazepine use (LTBU). Methods We included 31 077 employed participants enrolled in the French population-based CONSTANCES cohort between 2012 and 2014 who had not undergone LTBU in the 2 years before enrolment. LTBU was examined using drug reimbursement administrative databases. The effort–reward imbalance was calculated in quartiles. We computed ORs (95% CIs) for LTBU according to effort–reward imb...
#1Jayamalathi Priyanka Vakkalanka (UI: University of Iowa)
#2Karisa K. Harland (UI: University of Iowa)H-Index: 13
Last.Nicholas M. MohrH-Index: 13
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Objective The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of telemedicine in clinical management and patient outcomes of patients presenting to rural critical access hospital emergency departments (EDs) with suicidal ideation or attempt. Methods Retrospective propensity-matched cohort study of patients treated for suicidal attempt and ideation in 13 rural critical access hospital EDs participating in a telemedicine network. Patients for whom telemedicine was used were matched 1:1 to those w...
#1Timo-Kolja Pförtner (University of Cologne)H-Index: 12
#2Holger Pfaff (University of Cologne)H-Index: 26
Last.Kira Isabel Hower (University of Cologne)H-Index: 1
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Background Precarious employment has increased in Germany by means of labour market flexibilisation throughout the 1990s and 2000s. In this study, trends in the association of self-rated health (SRH) with different dimensions of precarious employment by gender in Germany between 1995 and 2015 were assessed considering different periods of labour market reforms and the Great Recession. Methods Analyses were conducted using the German Socio-Economic Panel from 1995 to 2015. All employed individual...
Introduction The incidence of severe childhood diarrhoea has fallen substantially following the introduction of rotavirus vaccine in the UK in July 2013. Since children with rotavirus infection may experience febrile and afebrile seizures, we evaluated the impact of rotavirus vaccination on seizure hospitalisations in children in England. Methods Using data from Hospital Episode Statistics, we employed interrupted time-series analyses to assess changes in monthly hospital admissions for seizures...
#1Linda Cambon (University of Bordeaux)H-Index: 7
#2François Alla (University of Bordeaux)H-Index: 53
Population health interventions (PHIs) are generally complex; their results depend on their interaction with the context of their implementation. Moreover, the distinction between intervention and context is arbitrary: we need rather to consider an ‘interventional system’, including both interventional and contextual components. Evaluation must go beyond effectiveness and must include two key research questions: a viability analysis, to verify that the intervention can be routinised in a real-li...
#1Joonas Pitkänen (UH: University of Helsinki)
#2Hanna Remes (UH: University of Helsinki)H-Index: 7
Last.Pekka MartikainenH-Index: 69
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Introduction Previous studies suggest that childhood experience of parental adversities increases the risk of subsequent offspring self-harm, but studies on distinct paternal and maternal characteristics are few and it remains unclear how these interact with childhood social position. The study aims to assess whether paternal and maternal adversities have different associations with offspring self-harm in adolescence and young adulthood. Interaction by offspring gender and childhood income are i...
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