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With the rapid development of the service industry, service innovation has gradually become a hot topic in business today. How to further improve employees' service innovative behaviors has become critical to organizations' survival and success. Servant leadership, as a leadership style characterized by serving others, is closely related to employees' service innovative behaviors. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to develop a theoretical framework to examine the influence of servant leade...
This article addresses why movements towards less-hierarchical organizing may be unsustainable within organizations.,Eschewing hierarchy may prove sustainable if alternative forms of management are acceptable to both employees and managers accountable for those employees’ performance. Developing alternatives means dealing with the fundamentally contradictory functions of coordination and control. Through a qualitative case study of a manufacturing company that removed first-line supervisors, thi...
Why do collaborations between direct competitors fail and what are the risks? To enhance our understanding about the sources that generate diverse risks of failure of coopetition (cooperation between competitors), this study examined the effect of influential power each partner exercise in the industry on the unexpected dissolution of joint venture (JV) between direct competitors.,This study employed event history analysis to test the hypotheses using a sample of 188 coopetitive JVs between 2001...
The paper takes stock of accumulated knowledge on factors impacting the success of online crowdfunding (CF) campaigns while suggesting opportunities for future research development.,A Systematic Literature Review of 88 academic papers published between 2010 and 2017. Papers were collected from four academic databases and published in 65 different journals. The review addresses issues related to theory, methods, context, findings and gaps. Overall, the paper presents an analysis of 1,718 associat...
Purpose – Organisations increasingly implement self-managing teams (SMTs) to empower their employees. By drawing from the HRM process model and multilevel thinking, this paper explores how the HRM function changes in terms of actors and activities when introducing SMTs. Design/methodology/approach – An in-depth, multilevel case study was conducted at a large healthcare organisation in The Netherlands, making use of 70 interviews, document analysis and observations. Findings – The findings show t...
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