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China is increasingly facing water-related problems, such as water scarcity, pollution, and overexploitation of groundwater. This paper discusses the water status in China and claims that governance is the cause of water-related problems. The structure of the current water management is analyzed to conclude that the control-command is a static approach which is less capable of dealing with the uncertainty in the water resources system. An adaptive governance frame is introduced, which highlights...
This narrative review aims to critically analyze the effects of exercise on health in aging. Here we discuss the main clinical and biomolecular modifications induced by long-term recreational football training in older subjects. In particular, the effects induced by long-term recreational football training on cardiovascular, metabolic and musculo-skeletal fitness, together with the modifications in the muscle expression of hallmarks related to oxidative metabolism, DNA repair and senescence supp...
Currently, the European Union is promoting the circular economy, a change that involves moving the foundations of actual economies toward the most sustainable production and consumption periods, in which the reuse of resources predominates, mainly through recycling, reuse, and reduction, among other strategies. This study, through the application of institutional theory, analyzes the role that institutional pressure has in the diffusion and adoption of the circular economy from the state to the ...
Although teachers’ well-being and vocal health are affected by noise, research on classroom sound environment from the teachers’ perspective is scarce. This study investigated the relationship between teachers’ well-being and classroom acoustics. The possible influence of teachers’ age, experience, teaching grade and class size on the relationship was also investigated. In this study, well-being refers to self-reported vocal health, stress, burnout and self-efficacy. Twenty-three primary-school ...
The quality of work environment, temperature changes and humidity must be controlled in every production process and in the locations where employees are present. The aim of this paper is to objectively assess the exposure of employees to microclimatic factors of the workplace environment: the warehouse, changing rooms, office and cold room refrigerator. Data were obtained in real working conditions. The heat stress due to cold and heat exposure in the individual locations was evaluated using th...
: Background: Although obesity has been consistently correlated with higher plantar pressure during the lifespan, to date little evidence has been provided regarding of how domain-specific and total sedentary behaviors may be correlated with plantar pressures. Moreover, high peak plantar pressures have been consistently associated with foot pain and discomfort, which prevent individuals from being physically active. Therefore, the main purpose of the study was to explore the correlations between...
The Daily Mile is a promising initiative aimed at removing some of the barriers to physical activity in the school setting. This quasi-experimental study investigated the dose–effect of The Daily Mile on cardiorespiratory fitness, waist-to-height ratio, and body mass index (BMI) after a period of 3- and 6-months. A total of 279 students (mean age = 9 ± 1 years) participated in The Daily Mile while 269 students (mean age = 9 ± 1 years) did not (control group). A posteriori, the classes performing...
Although potatoes are highly nutritious, many epidemiological studies have connected their consumption with abnormal lipids, diabetes, and hypertension. Steamed potato bread has recently become one of China’s staple foods. A randomized controlled trial was designed to evaluate the effect of steamed potato bread consumption on Chinese adolescents. Four classes from a high school were randomly selected and assigned to the intervention group (two classes) or control group (two classes). The steamed...
Coronavirus disease 2019, also called COVID-19, is the latest infectious disease to rapidly develop worldwide [...]
Background: The aim of the present review was to assess the histological and histomorphometrical data from the paper published by our Laboratory on peri-implant bone in dental implants in different loading conditions. Methods: The papers published in different implant loading conditions, in dental implants retrieved from humans, and in the Hard Tissues Research Center of the University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy, were screened on MEDLINE/PubMed, Embase, Scopus, and other electronic databases until...
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