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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consists of a plethora of therapeutic approaches aiming to both characterize and treat diseases. Its utilization has gained significant popularity in the western world and is even backed by the World Health Organization’s decision to include TCM diagnostic patterns into the new revision of the International Classification of Diseases code, the global standard for diagnostic health information. As these developments and potentially far-reaching decisions can aff...
#1Jure Aljinović (University of Split)H-Index: 5
#2Igor BarišićH-Index: 4
Last. Tonko VlakH-Index: 7
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Whiplash injury of the cervical spine is the most common injury after a car accident and in 25% of patients it progresses into chronic neck pain. To investigate the difference in neck muscle stiffness using shear wave ultrasound elastography between subjects who suffered an uncomplicated whiplash injury and a control group. Possible recognition of patients who insist on physical therapy in order to support their false whiplash injury claims. This study included 75 whiplash injury patients and 75...
#1Lin Yang (AHS: Alberta Health Services)H-Index: 9
#2Thomas Waldhoer (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 29
#1Rudolf PuchnerH-Index: 4
Last. Tanja Stamm (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 40
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To explore the medical care of individuals in rural areas during a public health awareness project on musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). A tour bus was adapted to accommodate rheumatological consultations at widely accessible sites in 16 towns, providing individual medical advice with respect to MSD. The participating rheumatologists assessed the nature (e.g. inflammatory/non inflammatory), extent and duration of MSD and, where possible, made a tentative diagnosis and gave further advice on the co...
#1Richard Crevenna (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 26
#1Cemre Cukaci (Medical University of Vienna)
#2Michael Freissmuth (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 50
Last. Veronika Sperl (Medical University of Vienna)
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The use of homeopathy is remarkably popular. Popularity, however, is not an arbiter in a scientific discourse. In fact, the assumptions underlying homeopathy violate fundamental laws of nature. Homeopathy does not have any explanatory power and fails other criteria established for a scientific approach. Two large-scale efforts have recently documented that in spite of a plethora of clinical trials there is no evidence that homeopathic remedies have any therapeutic effect, which goes beyond that ...
#1Lin Sun (Boston Children's Hospital)
#2Ying Yang (Boston Children's Hospital)
OBJECTIVE: To compare the application effects of venous indwelling needles and intravenous infusion with steel needles in pediatric outpatient care and to observe the complications of the two approaches. METHODS: A total of 110 children who received intravenous infusions in our hospital from March 2018 to May 2018 were selected as study subjects. Children were assigned to an observation group (n= 55) or a control group (n= 55) based on a random number table, of which the children in the control ...
#1Emily Heer (AHS: Alberta Health Services)H-Index: 1
#2Monika Hackl (Statistics Austria)H-Index: 14
Last. Lin Yang (Medical University of Vienna)H-Index: 9
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Recent reports have noted increasing rates of anal cancer among high-income countries worldwide; however, little is known about these trends in Austria. Data on anal cancer from 1983 to 2016 were obtained from Statistics Austria. All tumors (n = 3567) were classified into anal squamous cell carcinomas (ASCC), anal adenocarcinomas (AADC), and others (unspecified carcinoma and other specific carcinoma). Anal cancer incidence rates were calculated in 5‑year cycles and incidence average annual perce...
#1Thomas Lambert (Johannes Kepler University of Linz)H-Index: 9
#2Hermann Blessberger (Johannes Kepler University of Linz)H-Index: 13
Last. Ara Tekian (UIC: University of Illinois at Chicago)H-Index: 16
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In 2015 medical training regulations have been restructured for postgraduate medical training in Austria resulting in a significant shortening of the training period. Furthermore, a restriction of working hours for physicians to 48 h per week was implemented affecting the framework of postgraduate medical training. The aim of this study was to obtain a self-assessment of students and young physicians in Austria regarding their self-confidence in clinical skills and their working and learning env...
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