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#1Azadeh Rezvani (UQ: University of Queensland)H-Index: 7
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Project cost and time overruns have been the subject of much debate in large scale complex project management, however, there is no study of its determinants. This study identifies some specific factors contributing to poor performance in the large scale complex project - none of these is uncommon but here they come together in a more systematic and an integrative way. By providing an integrative framework of failure factors, this study fills an existing gap in the project management literature ...
The objective of this study is to identify factors that lead to unwanted business results when present in project and operation portfolio management. As such, a systematic literature review was conducted, with selection by title, keywords, database selection, reading, content analysis, and adherence to the proposed objective. Twelve factors were consolidated, resulting from an analysis that encompassed 32 market segments in 25 countries. The originality of this study lies in the consolidation of...
Selected public Greek highway projects are examined in order to produce models to predict their actual construction cost based on data available at the bidding stage. Twenty highway projects, constructed in Greece, with similar type of available data were examined. Considering each project's attributes and the actual cost, correlation analysis is implemented, with the aid of SPSS. Correlation analysis identified the most predictive project variables. Additionally, the WEKA application, through i...
This paper seeks to understand issues and challenges around the application of participatory development methods and practices in the developing world through the case study of participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) in Bangladesh, while offering suggestions to overcome those challenges. Participatory development as a distinctive development paradigm holds strong potential for empowering communities at the grassroots level and promoting local ownership, which promise more sustainable deve...
#1Brian J. Galli (LIU: Long Island University)H-Index: 8
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The purpose of this study is to effectively identify and assess economic risk in decision-making under project environments. A systematic literature review is used to identify the critical relationships between risk and economic decision-making. This paper highlights the implications of these relationships and how they impact a project-based environment. Results revealed salient points such as proper anchoring of project performance with previous risk performance, the necessity of effective, rel...
Regardless of context and scope, collaboration is consistently attributed to be an essential determinant of success in construction projects. Researches have long been concerned with the issue of poor collaboration, but situational determination of collaborative components has been overlooked. This paper focuses on the situational aspect of different collaborative components. The primary area of potential for improving productivity is within the collaboration between parties - and this is precis...
Project-oriented organisations suffer from knowledge scattering and detachment phenomena on one hand and high potential of knowledge generation on the other hand. These features cause challenges to organisations and increase their need to apply knowledge management particularly knowledge sharing practices. One of the challenges facing project-oriented organisations in establishing knowledge management is choosing an appropriate method for knowledge sharing. Successful implementation of this proc...
The purpose of this paper is to achieve an understanding of integration in inter-organisational project networks. This paper encapsulates scattered research streams concentrating on integration and adds to the perspectives of integration studies towards inter-organisational project network landscapes. The adopted research method is a systematic literature review through a qualitative content analysis, which provides a conceptual framework on integration in project networks. The framework include...
The purpose of this paper is to report on a study comparing joint venture and non-joint venture projects in terms of their performance and usage of project management practices. Data were obtained from project managers at 99 contracting organisations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) construction industry. The results show an agreement between the two types of project in the usage level of 35 out of 40 different practices associated with the ten knowledge areas articulated in the Project Managem...
This study analyse the linkage between total quality management (TQM) implementation and CMMI, both of which promotes continuous improvement, CMMI being, one of the most popular method of continuous improvement in Software industry. This is accomplished by analysing and comparing the extent of TQM implementation in CMMI and non-CMMI rated organisations. This descriptive study keeps the geographical scope limited to Chandigarh and Mohali area. A survey was conducted for selected software developm...
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