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#1Tianyi Zeng (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)H-Index: 1
#2Junyao Li (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
Last.Qi Zhang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
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In the letter, we propose to estimate uplink channel in urban 3-D MIMO systems utilizing denoising convolutional neuron networks (DnCNNs), which is recently proposed and has succeeded in tackling with image denoising tasks in computer vision. To process the complex numbers in channel estimation (CE), based on complex DnCNN (CDnCNN), a variant of DnCNN, we propose the simplified DnCNN (S-DnCNN) CE. S-DnCNN CE includes two major parts. In the first part, the channel frequency impulses are rearrang...
#1Omar J. FaqirH-Index: 2
#2Eric C. KerriganH-Index: 31
Last.Deniz GunduzH-Index: 33
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Separable codes and B2 codes are combinatorial structures which could be applied to identify traitors in multimedia fingerprinting and to uniquely decode messages in multiple access communication respectively. In this letter we provide new lower and upper bounds for the largest code rates of q-ary separable codes and B2 codes, which improve the existing results when the alphabet size q is relatively small.
#2Behrouz Zolfaghari (IITG: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
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In this letter, we first present a class of networks named Generalized {{M}}_{{ \textit {m, r}}}-Network for every integer {m} \geq 2and \forall {r} \in \{0, 1,\ldots, {m}-1\}and we show that every network of this class admits a vector linear solution if and only if the message dimension is an integer multiple of {m}. We show that the Generalized {M}-Network presented in the work of Das and Rai and the Dim- {m}Network introduced in the work of Connelly and Zeger which are gener...
#1Yan Yan (Penn State College of Communications)H-Index: 1
#2Weiwei Yang (Penn State College of Communications)H-Index: 13
Last.Guoru Ding (Penn State College of Communications)
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This letter investigates robust beamforming for multi-beam satellite communications in face of a phase error of channel state information. From the perspective of a practical system, we first formulate a sum rate maximization problem under the outage probability constraint of each user and the power consumption constraint of each individual feed. To handle the challenging problem, we characterize the Pareto frontier of the outage constrained achievable rate region based on a rate-profile method....
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