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Abstract The paper examines how the Statutory Audit and Corporate Reporting Directives (SACORD) affect the compliance costs, risk taking and quality of financial reporting of the EU banks. Using a natural experiment, we find that post SACORD, both compliance costs and risk taking increase significantly. However, the implementation of additional regulations seems to be effective in terms of improved quality of financial reporting. When we analyse the impact by size, we find that smaller banks fac...
Abstract This paper investigates the relation between the extent of media coverage and stock price synchronicity and whether this relation varies across different institutional infrastructures. We document three notable findings. First, media coverage is negatively associated with stock price synchronicity, suggesting that the media facilitates the incorporation of firm-specific information into stock prices. Second, a firm's information environment and corporate governance play a moderating rol...
Abstract We investigate investors' time preferences and takeover outcomes in a cross-disciplinary international study. We use a cultural measure on long-term orientation (LTO) to capture investors' time preferences. Additionally, we study how investor protection and the nature of the deal (cross-border vs domestic) in connection with investors' time preferences come into play in explaining long-term takeover performance. Evaluating data on 38,153 M&A deals from 54 countries, over the period from...
Abstract Variable annuities (VA) with various guarantees are popular retirement products in the past decades. However, due to the sophistication of the embedded guarantees, most existing methods only focus on the one of embedded guarantees underlying one specified stochastic model. The method to evaluate VAs with all guarantees and manage its risk is very limited, except for the Monte Carlo method. In this paper, we propose an efficient willow tree method to evaluate VAs embedded with all popula...
Abstract Investor recognition affects cross-sectional stock returns. In informationally incomplete markets, investors have limited recognition of all securities, and their holding of stocks with low recognition requires compensation for being imperfectly diversified. Using the number of posts on the Chinese social media platform Guba to measure investor recognition of stocks, this paper provides a direct test of Merton’s investor recognition hypothesis. We find a significant social media premium...
Abstract High frequency trading (HFT) depends on sophisticated algorithms to closely monitor price changes across securities. Theory predicts this technological advantage should translate into market-wide liquidity co-variation, by transmitting information-based liquidity shocks. Using a dataset of orders and trades from the French stock market, we investigate whether HFT algorithms constitute a source of systematic liquidity risk. We demonstrate that, across securities, the liquidity offered by...
Abstract Research studying firms' motivations to issue convertible bonds remains far from complete. This paper aims to provide further understanding of firms' motives behind issuing convertible bonds. We propose a theoretical model that explains issuers' choice between convertibles and equity when raising a required amount of capital by comparing the cash flow streams of both alternatives in order to maximize the firm's value for the current shareholders. We derive a closed form solution of our ...
Abstract In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. Our meta-literature review consists of qualitative analysis of content using the NVivo software program and quantitative analyses of bibliometric citations using the HistCite and VOSviewer software programs. We identify three main research streams: (i) the overview and growth of SWFs, (ii) governance and political concerns regarding SWFs, and (iii) the investme...
Abstract With the US being the largest natural gas producer, the North America formed a mature and leading natural gas market from which emerging markets can learn to develop themselves. It also influences the global market and under various factors, the market presents multiscale characteristics. We explore North American natural gas price, from 1997 to 2018, using wavelet transform and multiscale fluctuation mode network (MFMN) where nodes are a set of fluctuating states extracted from wavelet...
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Abstract Based on high-frequency firm-level data, this paper uncovers new empirical patterns on intraday momentum in China. First, there exists a strong intraday momentum effect at the firm level. Second, the intraday predictability stems mainly from the overnight component rather than the opening half-hour component, which is consistent with the microstructure features of the Chinese market. Third, the intraday predictability attenuates (strengthens) following large positive (negative) informat...
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