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#1Adeyinka Tella (University of Ilorin)H-Index: 8
#2Adekunle P. Adesola (Bowen University)
Last. Roseline Mitana Oshiname (Bowen University)
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The paper showcases various library house-keeping reports that can be generated effortlessly using Koha ILS. Examples of reports generated in Bowen University Library include Circulation, Acquisitions and Cataloguing/Classification reports. Circulation activity reports like user registration, patron category, overdue payments, item issue, returns and renewals are showcased. Acquisition reports highlighted include acquisitions by purchase and donation, expenditure on acquisitions and also by bran...
#1Nadim Akhtar Khan (University of Kashmir)H-Index: 2
#2Tazeem Zainab (University of Kashmir)H-Index: 1
Reference Service is an important personalized service in the library and information centers. Traditionally, it is a one-to-one service provided by the reference librarian to users. But the present epoch is being transformed by the technology. Thus, with the progression of shifting technology the approaches of providing reference service in the libraries are gradually changing. Nowadays it is offered to the user in a fresh and more developed form called as "virtual reference service", also know...
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The study aimed at identifying the reality of collaboration between Learning Resource Centers in Colleges of Applied Sciences in the Sultanate of Oman through the following: 1 Identify collaborative activities between learning resource centers in the colleges, 2 Identify the benefits that have been achieved by networking between resources centers in the colleges. 19 interviews were conducted with participants from 6 learning resource centers and the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman. The rang...
This article describes a pilot project of enhanced virtual reference services through a multifaceted model of services that includes the addition of Skype reference. The project was created as a response to a growing need for advanced liaison services to the College of Nursing at The University of Texas at Arlington, which predominantly consists of online students. The number of online nursing students and degree and certificate programs offered by the university has grown exponentially in curre...
#1Mary Axford (Georgia Institute of Technology)H-Index: 2
#2Crystal Renfro (KSU: Kennesaw State University)
The role of librarians today continues to evolve in response to the needs of their academic community. Personal Knowledge Management PKM is one example of an untapped arena for outreach and instruction for librarians. To fully embrace this new facet of contemporary research and academic work will require librarians to learn new skills and utilize creative, big-picture thinking to create services and guidance for the faculty and students that they serve. This article will provide an introduction ...
#1Maria Kingsbury (Southwest Minnesota State University)H-Index: 1
This article suggests IM instant message and SMS short message service reference strategies based on the stance of rhetorical listening in an attempt to create in digital communication environments in which both patrons and reference librarians can utilize similar affordances that they might encounter in a face-to-face interactions, for instance, especially nonverbal communication. Drawing upon research in computer-mediated communication, the social sciences, and library studies, the author sugg...
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Knowledge Management KM on its surface may appear to be a dichotomous dis-synchronization with Community of Practice CoP development. KM is systematic and intentional, and presumes the defined body of facts. CoP, on the other hand, is based, as its name intends, on skill-based practice. It is the above over-simplified definition, though, that prompted the case study referred to herein. CoP based on and drawing from KM principles can be a strong foundation for CoP community development. This arti...
#1Karen Medin (FIU: Florida International University)H-Index: 1
The fields of cultural studies, neuroscience, and management convince us of the importance of integrating pertinent insights into knowledge management KM practice. This guided study, commitment and follow-through is essential for survival in our knowledge economy. 20th century professional interpretations of how Descartes' philosophy has influenced culture help us to realize that westerners are collectively used to ignoring or hiding feelings. We also learn from current neuroscience research tha...
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#1Emad Abu-Shanab (YU: Yarmouk University)H-Index: 16
#2Emad Yamin (YU: Yarmouk University)H-Index: 1
RFID technology can help libraries overcome challenges like finding, sorting and discovering misplaced books. The applicability of this technology and its perceived contribution are questioned. This paper conducted an empirical test to explore employees' perceptions regarding the implementation of RFID in libraries. This paper utilized data collected in two public university libraries in Jordan. The method focused on descriptive measures to investigate the adoption of such technology. The study ...
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