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#1Julie Brøsen (Rigshospitalet)
#2Dorte Stærk (Rigshospitalet)
Last.Mette Brimnes Damholt (Rigshospitalet)
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Haemolysis Elevated Liver parameters and Low Platelets (HELLP) syndrome can present with abdominal pain as the only symptom. It can be rapid with failure of multiple organs and is a cause of maternal death. A 22-year-old female pregnant with twins contacted her local hospital due to abdominal pain. Within 20 hours of the debut of the abdominal pain, a caesarean section was performed, the patient was re-operated due to the suspicion of abdominal bleeding. Bescause she was hypotensive and blood te...
A 16-year-old boy attended the Emergency Department with sudden severe right iliac fossa pain and associated vomiting. He denied any urinary symptoms, diarrhoea or testicular pain. On examination, he had a locally tender right iliac fossa with guarding. External genitalia and testicular examination revealed an absent right testicle, the left testicle was not tender. The patient was haemodynamically stable. A clinical diagnosis of acute appendicitis and possible testicular torsion was made and th...
#2Gro Linno Willemoe (Rigshospitalet)H-Index: 1
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Our case concerns a 66-year-old man. After experiencing recurrent episodes of abdominal pain, an initial CT scan, ultrasound and gastroscopy was carried out. All of which showed normal findings. As a consequence of persisting symptoms, another CT scan was performed. This scan revealed a hypodense area in the right lobe of the liver. This was interpreted as a possible haemangioma. Subsequent MRI scans indicated an intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. A final ultrasound-guided liver biopsy was perform...
Here we describe an atypical presentation of progressive dysphagia in a 72-year-old man leading to frequent regurgitations over the course of 30 years. Investigations revealed a foreign body ring surrounding the proximal stomach and dilation of the oesophagus proximal to the gastro-oesophageal junction. An Angelchik device was extracted; however, the patient’s rapid deterioration prior to surgery, in addition to his severely dysfunctional oesophagus, required placement of a jejunostomy feeding t...
#1Isabel EiraH-Index: 1
Last.Cristina ÂngelaH-Index: 1
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Cryptococcosis is a life-threatening fungal infection that affects immunocompromised patients, causing predominantly meningoencephalitis and pneumonia. Lymph node involvement is rare and its identification may not be obvious. We report the case of a patient recently diagnosed with AIDS and previously treated for cryptococcal meningitis who developed multifocal cryptococcal disease despite antifungal treatment, expressed as cervical and mediastinal lymphadenitis and constitutional symptoms. The d...
#1Zabreen Tahir (BIDMC: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
#2Julia Peters (BIDMC: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
Last.Felipe Batalini (Harvard University)H-Index: 1
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We report the first case of double-hit (MYC and BCL-6) monomorphic post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in a patient status post liver transplantation. Our patient is a 71-year-old man with a past medical history of Budd–Chiari syndrome complicated by cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. He underwent a deceased donor liver transplantation 2 years prior to presentation and was maintained on tacrolimus and mycophenolate mofetil for immunosuppression. He presented with a 3-week history o...
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is occasionally associated with tracheobronchomalacia, and it is this combination that can lead to serious outcomes. The most severe cases require tracheostomies, ventilatory support and eventually even tracheal stents or surgery. Ventilation in patients with tracheomalacia is complicated without a good patient-ventilator synchrony; the neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) mode is potentially beneficial in these cases. This case report presents a patient a...
A 65-year-old woman called paramedics for stridor and neck swelling following an insect bite with a possible anaphylactic reaction. On arrival paramedics administered intramuscular epinephrine without any observed improvement in stridor. Paramedics then prepared 5 mg of 1:1000 epinephrine for nebulised administration, which was inadvertently given intravenously. The patient developed tachycardia, anxiety and a severe headache, with biochemical evidence of cardiac necrosis without any haemodynami...
#1Catherine Joyce (KU: University of Kansas)
#2Elliot Konrade (KU: University of Kansas)
Last.Jessup Wade Kenyon (KU: University of Kansas)
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Mediastinal malignant melanoma is rare as both primary and metastatic lesions. We present the case of a 50-year-old man with diagnosis of recurrent melanoma of the mediastinum. Our patient was previously treated for cutaneous melanoma in 2001 with surgical excision. He presented with symptoms of exertional dyspnoea, dull chest pain and non-productive cough for 12 weeks. CT revealed a large heterogeneously enhancing mass, measuring 10.7×7.6 cm, centred within the aortopulmonary window which abutt...
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