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Abstract Humans automatically detect events that, in deviating from their expectations, may signal prediction failure and a need to reorient behaviour. The pupil dilation response (PDR) to violations has been associated with subcortical signals of arousal and prediction resetting. However, it is unclear how the context in which a deviant occurs affects the size of the PDR. Using ecological musical stimuli that we characterised using a computational model, we showed that the PDR to pitch deviants...
Abstract To determine the neuroelectric underpinnings of exercise-induced changes in working memory, this study investigated the acute effects ofaerobic exercise (AE) on the P3 component of an event-related potential and brain oscillations during a serial n-back task. Task-related electroencephalography was collected in 23 young adults following 20 min of rest and AE on separate, counterbalanced days. The results revealed reductions in standard deviation of response time and coefficient of varia...
Abstract Even though the ventromedial neural network (reward pathway) has been well documented to be a mediator for increased craving, the prefrontal cortex is receiving ever more attention for craving monitoring. In the current study, we examined whether causal modulation of the prefrontal cortex, and its associated neural network, diminishes reward-triggered approach bias (due to increased cognitive control), alcohol craving and consumption. Using a double-blind within-subjects design in a sub...
Abstract The Dynamic Interacting Shape Clips (DISC) is a novel stimulus set designed to examine mentalizing, specifically social attribution, suitable for use with diverse methodologies including fMRI. The DISC offer some advantages compared to other social attribution stimuli including a large number of stimuli, subsets of stimuli depicting different kinds of social interactions (i.e., friendly approach, aggression, and avoidance), and two control tasks–one that contrasts interpretations of soc...
Abstract Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) 5 studies on lexical decision (LD) 6 attempting to isolate the brain network underlying access to lexical representations can be confounded by attentional and response processes. However, manipulating the “wordlikeness” of the LD stimuli can facilitate functional interpretation of each emerging brain network, providing principles for separation of attentional demand from linguistic processing. This is because activation of difficult-to-access...
Abstract Though well established for languages acquired in infancy, the role of embodied mechanisms remains poorly understood for languages learned in middle childhood and adulthood. To bridge this gap, we examined 34 experiments that assessed sensorimotor resonance during processing of action-related words in real and artificial languages acquired since age 7 and into adulthood. Evidence from late bilinguals indicates that foreign-language action words modulate neural activity in motor circuits...
Abstract We examined the hemispheric effects of Falun Gong qigong (FLG), a movement meditation practice, using a systematic approach to hemispheric function by administering the Emotion Lateralized Attention Network Test (ELANT) to measure the interaction of the Conflict Resolution, Spatial Orienting, and Emotion networks. Measuring both behavior (ELANT, DV = accuracy) and physiology (HF-HRV), we compared experienced FLG practitioners (n = 19) to novices serving as an active control group (n = 1...
Abstract Numerous studies have highlighted a strong relationship between language and sensorimotor processes, showing, for example, that perceiving an action influences subsequent language processing. Moreover, previous studies have demonstrated that the context in which actions are perceived is crucial to enable this action-language relationship. In particular, action verb processing is facilitated when an action is perceived in its usual context (e.g., someone watering a plant) but not in an u...
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