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Abstract Current guidelines recommend performing laboratory tests aimed at monitoring unfractionated heparin (UFH) treatments within a delay not exceeding 1 to 2 h(s) after sampling when blood is collected into citrated tubes. As such a short delay could be an issue, we evaluated the potential impact of longer delays. For that purpose, two citrated tubes were obtained from patients on UFH: one was centrifuged and tested for anti-Xa activity and aPTT within 1 h after collection (T1 h) and one was...
Abstract Background Patients with mechanical heart valves are still not eligible for treatment with direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC). We aimed to conduct a proof-of-principle study investigating the anti-Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban as antithrombotic treatment in patients with recent mechanical aortic valve replacement. Materials and methods Low-risk patients scheduled for elective mechanical aortic valve replacement were treated with rivaroxaban 20 mg once daily (OD) in a prospective cohort study,...
Abstract Introduction The concept of post Pulmonary Embolism syndrome includes various combinations of functional, haemodynamic or imaging abnormalities in patients after pulmonary embolism (PE). Although residual obstruction of pulmonary vascular bed is suggested to be a major cause of post Pulmonary Embolism syndrome (post-PE syndrome) other cardiopulmonary abnormalities can be responsible for functional impairment. Therefore, we analyzed the frequency of post-PE syndrome and its potential cau...
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Abstract Background Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is associated with hypofibrinolysis and increased factor XIII-mediated α2-antiplasmin incorporation into the fibrin clot. It is unclear whether there are sex-related differences in α2-antiplasmin incorporation in relation to impaired clot lysis in T2DM. Aim We investigated α2-antiplasmin incorporation into fibrin clots as a determinant of clot lysability in patients of both sexes with T2DM. Methods In a group of 113 T2DM patients, 54 (47.8%) of...
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Abstract Introduction Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) is mainstay therapy for thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP). However, it remains controversial if ABO type influences diagnosis or time to remission. Materials and methods We investigated if ABO type influences length of TPE regimen in TTP patients with ADAMTS13 deficiency at our institution. Seventy out of 71 patients with suspected TTP who had ADAMTS13 activity measured were included. ADAMTS13 activity Results We found that among pa...
Abstract Background The safety and efficacy of edoxaban and dalteparin is unclear for several cancer groups. Methods We evaluated the occurrence of the primary outcome in large cancer groups. The primary outcome was the composite of recurrent VTE or major bleeding over 12 months. Results In patients with gastrointestinal cancer, the primary outcome occurred in 19.4% patients given edoxaban and in 15.0% given dalteparin (risk difference [RD], 4.4%; 95%-CI, −4.1% to 12.8%). The corresponding rates...
Abstract Aims We sought to investigate the thrombogenicity of different DES and BMS in an in vitro system of stent perfusion. Material and methods The experimental model consisted of a peristaltic pump connected to 4 parallel silicone tubes in which different stents were deployed. Blood was drawn from healthy volunteers and the amount of stent surfaced-induced thrombus deposition was determined using 125I-fibrinogen. Results Compared to Resolute, Biomatrix and Vision, Xience was associated with ...
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