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The relationship between entrapped air content and the corresponding hydraulic conductivity was investigated experimentally for two coarse sands. Two packed samples of 5 cm height were prepared for each sand. Air entrapment was created by repeated infiltration and drainage cycles. The value of K was determined using repetitive falling-head infiltration experiments, which were evaluated using Darcy’s law. The entrapped air content was determined gravimetrically after each infiltration run. The am...
Understanding the drivers of species richness gradients is a central challenge of ecological and biodiversity research in freshwater science. Species richness along elevational gradients reveals a great variety of patterns. Here, we investigate elevational changes in species richness and turnover between microhabitats in near-natural spring habitats across Switzerland. Species richness was determined for 175 subsamples from 71 near-natural springs, and Poisson regression was applied between spec...
The adsorption properties of coexistent Cr(VI) and Cu(II) in mixed solution on magnetic magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticle were studied in batch experiments. The influences of various factors, such as pH, adsorbent dose, temperature, initial concentration of metal ions, and coexisting ions in water were investigated. At the same time, the adsorption kinetics and adsorption isotherms were studied. The mechanism of adsorption for Cr(VI) and Cu(II) was investigated through the study of surface properti...
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Reducing dissolved phosphorus (P) losses from legacy P soils to surface waters is necessary for preventing algal blooms. Phosphorus removal structures containing steel slag have shown success in treating surface runoff for dissolved P, but little is known about treating subsurface (tile) drainage. A ditch-style and subsurface P removal structure were constructed using steel slag in a bottom-up flow design for treating tile drainage. Nearly 97% of P was delivered during precipitation-induced flow...
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Graphene oxide (GO) is likely to encounter heavy metals due to its widespread use and inevitable release into the subsurface environment, where the ubiquitous presence of iron oxides (e.g., hematite) would affect their interaction and transport. The present study aimed to investigate the cotransport of GO (20 mg L−1) and copper (0.05 mM CuCl2) in the presence of varying degrees of geochemical heterogeneity represented by iron oxide-coated sand fractions (ω = 0‒0.45) in water-saturated columns un...
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In hydraulic systems, transient flow often occurs and may results in cavitation in pipelines. In this paper, the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) method based on the Fluent software was used to investigate the cavitation flow in pipeline; the density-pressure model was incorporated into the continuity equation by using further development of UDF (user defined function), which reflects the variable wave speed of the transient cavitation flow, and the related algorithms were established based on...
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Three years of geotechnical seasonal field monitoring including soil temperature, suction and volumetric water content plus geophysical measurements, lead to a preliminary ground model and assessment of slope stability for a steep scree slope in the Meretschibach catchment, near Agarn village in the Swiss Alps. Building on data reported in a previous paper, which focused on preliminary ground characterisation and seasonal field monitoring, this current research aims to understand whether a surfi...
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Aquatic macrophytes rhizosphere are biogeochemical cycling hotspots in freshwater ecosystems. However, little is known regarding the effect of aquatic macrophytes on bacterial community and interactions in the riparian zones. We investigated the bacterial community composition and network structures along a gradient of the riparian zone as follows: The supralittoral and eulittoral zones with Phragmites australis, the eulittoral and infralittoral zones without P. australi. The bacterial communiti...
: The depiction of glaciers’ dynamics in the high altitudes of Himalaya and the hydrological fluxes therein is often limited. Although sparse seasonal (snow/ice) melt data may be available, dense precipitation networks are not available everywhere, and especially in the highest area, and the assessment of accumulation processes and mass balance may be difficult. Hydrological fluxes are little measured in the high altitudes, and few studies are available covering flow modeling and flow partitioni...
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