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#1Jack Bishop (A&M: Texas A&M University)H-Index: 3
#2G. V. Rogachev (A&M: Texas A&M University)H-Index: 14
Last. C. Hunt (A&M: Texas A&M University)
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Abstract β -delayed charged-particle emission is a sensitive probe of three-body decays in light nuclei. Time Projection Chambers (TPCs) offer a significant advantage over traditional charged-particle spectroscopy techniques due to a low-energy threshold and a high-geometric efficiency ( ≈ 4 π ) which are essential for use with radioactive ion beams where the beam intensities are limited. The technique for high-sensitivity spectroscopy of β -delayed charged-particle emission is shown to be possi...
Abstract The Fourier diffractometer is a neutron time-of-flight spectrometer using a special correlation technique - a fast Fourier chopper for incident neutron beam intensity modulation and the reverse time-of-flight (RTOF) method for data acquisition. This makes it possible to obtain high-resolution neutron diffraction spectra in a wide range of interplanar spacing at relatively short flight paths both on steady state reactors and on pulsed neutron sources. The RTOF technique provides optimal ...
#1Ziqing Hong (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 18
#2Runze Ren (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 1
Last. H. Douglas Pinckney (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 1
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Abstract We demonstrate single electron–hole pair resolution in a single-sided, contact-free 1 cm 2 by 1 mm thick Si crystal operated at 48 mK, with a baseline energy resolution of 3 eV. This crystal can be operated at voltages in excess of ± 50 V, resulting in a measured charge resolution of 0.06 electron–hole pairs. The high aluminum coverage ( ∼ 70%) of this device allows for the discrimination of surface events and separation of events occurring near the center of the detector from those nea...
Abstract A method for directly measuring the focal spot size and minimum focus position output by micro-beam X-ray is proposed. An experimental device based on portable micro X-ray source and capillary X-ray lens is built, and the experiments are carried out at different distances and under different tube voltages. The measured results are compared with the knife-edge scanning method. The results show: the focal spot size and minimum focus position of X-ray lens are 87 μ m and 9.798 cm respectiv...
Abstract Ground tests using the Tagged Neutrons Method/Associated Particle Imaging methodology (TNM/API) have been conducted for a hypothetical scenario of gamma-ray measurements on the Mars surface. The main objective was to study applicability of TNM/API to detect heterogeneities in the subsurface under a martian lander or rover. We analyzed a possibility for identifying the soil layering structure where subsurface layers can be rich or deficit with some chemical elements. It was found that th...
Abstract The heat transfer analysis has been performed for the stripline kicker, design of which is used at many accelerator facilities as a part of the transverse bunch-by-bunch feed-back system, including NSLS-II. The experimental data of the electrode temperature have been collected from a special diagnostic stripline designed with six infrared view ports. The temperature analysis is based on the power loss calculations and the loss factor computed by the 3-D electromagnetic simulation code G...
#1L.Q. Qi (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
#2Guisheng Li (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 3
Last. Adriano De Rosa (INAF)H-Index: 64
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Abstract A geometrical and physical model of Wolter-I type mirrors has been implemented in Geant4 for the design of the enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarimetry observatory (eXTP). It can simultaneously simulate the mirror responses to X-rays and charged particles. A new geometry class G4Hyperboloid is created and verified, which allows an exact surface profile description of Wolter-I optics. A physics model for the interaction of X-rays and matter is implemented to effectively estimate the focusin...
#1H.I. Kim (LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory)
#2H.Y. Lee (LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory)H-Index: 9
Last. M.W. Herman (LANL: Los Alamos National Laboratory)
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Abstract Recent development on neutron-induced charged particle reaction measurements can provide high-quality double differential cross sections at Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. With newly measured cross section data, we found lacking nuclear outputs for neutron-induced charged particle reactions in the latest ENDF/B-VIII.0 library, when compared with Monte Carlo simulations. This paper presents how we improved the missing angular distributions and energy spectra for these reactions and th...
Abstract The paper describes the digital filter polychromator developed for Thomson scattering (TS) diagnostics. The device having ultra-low noise, high-speed detection system and up to 7 spectral channels is equipped with digitizer and single board computer for system control and data processing. The data acquisition system is capable to detect very short laser pulses of few ns width with low magnitude. This feature opens up new possibilities for the TS diagnostics design in modern fusion devic...
#1Bo Huang (Xida: Guangxi University)
#2Hongbang Liu (Xida: Guangxi University)
Last. Jianyu Gu (Xida: Guangxi University)
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Abstract Transition Radiation (TR) plays an important role in particle identification in high-energy physics and its characteristics provide a feasible method of energy calibration in the energy range up to 10 TeV, which is of interest for dark matter searches in cosmic rays. In a Transition Radiation Detector (TRD), the TR signal is superimposed onto the ionization energy loss signal induced by incident charged particles. In order to make the TR signal stand out from the background of ionizatio...
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