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Abstract Styrene-block-(ethylene-co-butylene)-block-styrene (SEBS) copolymers are biocompatible elastomers with outstanding stability to UV radiation. This work addresses the potentialities of this class of elastomers for the development of transdermal patches. The influence of SEBS molecular weight, plasticizer and tackifier type on rheological pattern, debonding mechanisms, adhesive properties (i.e., tack, shear and peel adhesion) as well as on the in vitro biopharmaceutical performances (i.e....
Abstract The aim of this study was to prepare benzydamine hydrochloride loaded orodispersible films using modified semisolid extrusion 3D printing method. An innovative approach was developed where thin layer of drug loaded dispersion is printed and dried before printing of subsequent layers. Layer-by-layer drying as the in process step improves mechanical properties of films, uniformity of drug content and allows faster preparation of films in compounding settings due to shortening of drying ti...
Abstract Pseudoephedrine (PSE) extracted from its dosage forms can be used as the starting material to prepare methamphetamine by drug abusers. Recently, some pseudoephedrine drug products marketed under the over the counter (OTC) monograph have been promoted as ‘meth-deterrent’. The goal of this investigation was to evaluate the extraction and dissolution of these product against controls of non-meth-deterrent products of pseudoephedrine. Immediate release (IR) PSE OTC Product-C, Product-D and ...
Abstract Drug crystallization in transdermal patches is still a major challenge, confronting the formulation development of topical drug delivery systems. Encapsulation of drugs into nanoparticles is proposed here as a promising tool for regulating drug crystallization in transdermal patches. The degree of recrystallization and transdermal permeation of ibuprofen and hydrocortisone loaded in polymeric and lipid nanoparticles from matrix-type transdermal patches were investigated. Ethyl cellulose...
Abstract In this study, we report the relationship between structure, self-assembly behavior and antimicrobial activity of multicationic gemini surfactants and their successful use as stabilizers of a new liposomal formulation for transdermal drug delivery. New surfactants containing natural moiety 1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane with four charges and two hydrophobic chains (n-Dabco-s-Dabco-n, where s = 2, 12 and n=12, 14, 16, 18) were synthesized. A linear dependence of the CMC decrease, with the...
Abstract A novel AB2-type amphiphilic block copolymer [OA-C=N-NH-(PEG)2] with hydrazone linkage was synthesized and explored for pH-triggered antibiotic delivery. Vancomycin (VCM) loaded micelles of the polymer [OA-C=N-NH-(PEG)2-VCM] were spherical in shape with size, polydispersity index, zeta potential and entrapment efficiency of 130.33±7.36 nm, 0.163±0.009, -4.33±0.55 mV and 39.61±4.01 % respectively. The dilution stability study exhibited no significant change in the size distribution of OA...
Abstract A series of biodegradable amphiphilic-block segmented polyurethanes (SPUs) are designed and synthesized based on di-block and tri-block macrodiols of polycaprolactone (PCL) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). Curcumin, as a model herbal antibacterial agent, is used due to its effective inhibitory action against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Curcumin-loaded nanofibers, with 400-900 nm diameter range, have been prepared by electrospinning of SPUs. The synthesized SPUs can be used f...
Abstract Drug administration failure has been often witnessed in pediatric due to children’s resistance to take medicines with bitter taste. Taste-masking is the key requirement among the scanty drugs available for children. Solid taste-masking systems, such as tablets and capsules, are difficult to swallow for children. Therefore, a liquid taste-masking system based on lyotropic liquid crystalline nanoparticles (LLCNs) was developed in this study. Cefpodoxime proxetil (CFP), a typically bitter ...
Abstract During the pharmaceutical development of pregabalin extended-release tablets, an unknown degradant at a relative retention time (RRT) of 11.7 was observed and its nominal amount exceeded the ICH identification threshold in an accelerated stability study. The aim of this study is to identify the structure and investigate the formation mechanism of this impurity for the purpose of developing a chemically stable pharmaceutical product. By utilizing multi-stage LC-MS analysis in conjunction...
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Abstract This paper provides a method for prediction of weight variability of tablets made in rotary tablet presses as a function of material attributes and processing parameters. The goal was to be able to predict whether or not a formulation is suitable for direct compaction continuous manufacturing using the tablet weight variability as a criterion. The work focused on identifying the significant factors affecting the weight variability in tablets, within the design space studied. A wide rang...
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