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#2Yuen Yi Lo (HKU: University of Hong Kong)H-Index: 10
Last. Angel M. Y. LinH-Index: 23
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Abstract Research has shown both the potential advantages of translanguaging pedagogy in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) contexts and some challenges facing teachers. However, there is still paucity of research on how to provide professional support for teachers to develop translanguaging pedagogy. This article focuses on a design-based research (DBR) study in which a teacher collaborated with a researcher in an EAP course at a university in China to co-develop teacher capacity in using tran...
Abstract Translanguaging pedagogies promise to capitalise on students’ language backgrounds, improve their academic achievements and address social inequalities. While research studies in monolingual, bilingual and multilingual contexts testify to the benefits of translanguaging for learning, well-being and identity-building few studies focus on early childhood education and the use of more than two languages. Furthermore, little is known about the implementation of translanguaging pedagogies an...
Abstract The present study examines the perceived benefits of a crosslinguistic approach to language teaching, which consists essentially of promoting interaction between all of the learner’s languages to facilitate additional language learning. Specifically, this paper reports on a pilot study that involved pre-service ESL teachers in Quebec (Canada) taking a foreign language course designed to foster crosslinguistic interaction, an approach which runs counter to the monolingual (target-languag...
Abstract This article reports on a study of primary and secondary school teachers in Basque schools where Basque, Spanish and English are included in the curriculum. Traditionally, the three languages have been taught separately and the possible benefits of using the whole linguistic repertoire to establish links between the languages had not been acknowledged. New trends in multilingual education focusing on the whole linguistic repertoire and translanguaging have provided opportunities to chan...
#1Haiwei Zhang (MUC: Minzu University of China)H-Index: 1
#2Jinjin Wu (Tianjin Normal University)
Last. Yong Zhu (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
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Abstract Many countries are facing a shortage of modern language teachers, including teachers of Chinese as a second language (CSL), which is believed to relate to pre-service teachers' motivations. Thus, this study aims to explore pre-service CSL teachers' motivations and the background variables that might influence their motivations. The participants were 411 pre-service CSL teachers. A 33-item questionnaire adopted from the Factors Influencing Teaching Choice (FIT-Choice) scale was administe...
Last. Reza AbdiH-Index: 33
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Abstract The present study compared the role of hands-on and hands-off data-driven learning (DDL) in learning verb-preposition collocations by Iranian learners of English. It also elicited learners’ attitudes towards DDL through a questionnaire. A total of 60 female pre-intermediate learners were randomly divided into a hands-on, a hands-off, and a control group. During the 10-session treatment, the hands-on group searched some verb-preposition collocations in concordancing, on the screen of the...
Abstract While a growing body of research has provided important insights into the facilitative roles gesturing and task planning play in thinking and speaking, their synergistic effects on second language narrative discourse are not yet well understood. This study examines how different planning conditions, pre-task planning (PTP) and on-line planning (OLP), influence gesture forms and functions in narrative tasks, and how active gesturing influences narrative discourse planning and story organ...
Abstract This study examines three preschool teachers’ developmental journeys from Foreign Language to Bilingual English teachers who participated in an in-service training over the course of nine months set in preschool education in Turkey. The data were teachers’ logs, two written interviews and observation notes. The research questions addressed the evidence for a developmental growth into bilingual teacher roles and examined how such development might influence these teachers. Adopting a lon...
#1Is’haaq Akbarian (University of Qom)H-Index: 3
#2Fatemeh Farajollahi (University of Qom)
Last. Rosa María Jiménez Catalán (UR: University of La Rioja)H-Index: 12
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Abstract Lexical availability studies have a great potential to explore and contribute to a better understanding of productive vocabulary knowledge in a second or foreign language. The present study compared the lexical availability output of two groups of EFL learners in order to ascertain whether the different prompts used in the lexical availability task or the different amount of English exposure had any quantitative or qualitative effect on learners' lexical availability output. The study a...
Abstract This study examined how previously learned words affect the acquisition of new words in a second language (L2). Twenty L1 English adults in a second semester L2 Mandarin Chinese class performed a three-day word learning experiment involving 10 tonal monosyllabic minimal pairs (e.g., ku4 ‘warehouse’ – ku1 ‘to cry’). Half of the words were homophonous with previously learned words, while the other half were not. Half of the words contained syllables with high token frequencies, while the ...
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