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Counting and enumerating maximal and maximum independent sets are well-studied problems in graph theory. In this paper we introduce methods to count and enumerate maximal/maximum independent sets in threshold graphs and k-threshold graphs and improve former results for these problems. The results can be applied to combinatorial optimization problems, and in particular to different variations of the knapsack problem. As feasible solutions for instances of those problems correspond to independent ...
In this paper, we obtain the Painleve–Kuratowski upper convergence and the Painleve–Kuratowski lower convergence of the approximate solution sets for set optimization problems with the continuity and convexity of objective mappings. Moreover, we discuss the extended well-posedness and the weak extended well-posedness for set optimization problems under some mild conditions. We also give some examples to illustrate our main results.
We present a modified verification theorem for the equilibrium control of a general class of portfolio problems. The general class of portfolio problems studied in this paper, is characterized by an objective where the investor seeks to maximize a functional of two conditional expectations of terminal wealth. The objective functional is allowed to be non-linear in the conditional expectations, and thus the problem class is in general terms time-inconsistent. In addition, we provide a corrected p...
This work concerns with Markov chains on a finite state space. It is supposed that a state-dependent cost is associated with each transition, and that the evolution of the system is watched by an agent with positive and constant risk-sensitivity. For a general transition matrix, the problem of approximating the risk-sensitive average criterion in terms of the risk-sensitive discounted index is studied. It is proved that, as the discount factor increases to 1, an appropriate normalization of the ...
In this paper, we analyse a wide class of discrete time one-dimensional dynamic optimization problems—with strictly concave current payoffs and linear state dependent constraints on the control parameter as well as non-negativity constraint on the state variable and control. This model suits well economic problems like extraction of a renewable resource (e.g. a fishery or forest harvesting). The class of sub-problems considered encompasses a linear quadratic optimal control problem as well as mo...
Single-peakedness was introduced by Black (J Political Econ 56:23–34, 1948) as a sufficient condition to overcome Condorcet paradox. Since then it has been attracting interest from researchers in various fields. In this paper, we propose a simple recursive procedure of constructing complete single-peaked domains of tiling type explicitly for any finite alternative sets, by combining two results published in recent years, and some observations of known results and examples by the author. The unde...
#1Zhenghua Long (HKUST: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
#2Jiheng Zhang (NU: Nanjing University)
We study a multiclass many-server queueing system with renewal arrivals and generally distributed service and patience times under a nonpreemptive allocation policy. The status of the system is described by a pair of measure-valued processes to track the residual service and patience times of customers in each class. We establish fluid approximations and study the long-term behavior of the fluid model. The equilibrium state of the fluid model leads to a nonlinear program, which enables us to ide...
#1Nicole Bäuerle (KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)H-Index: 21
#2Daniel Schmithals (KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
We consider the problem of finding consistent upper price bounds and super replication strategies for exotic options, given the observation of call prices in the market. This field of research is called model-independent finance and has been introduced by Hobson (Finance Stoch 2(4):329–347, 1998). Here we use the link to mass transport problems. In contrast to existing literature we assume that the marginal distributions at the two time points we consider are discrete probability distributions. ...
#1J. B. G. Frenk (Sabancı University)H-Index: 20
#2Canan Pehlivan (Yeditepe University)
Last.Semih Onur Sezer (Sabancı University)H-Index: 8
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We consider a supplier selling a product with a relatively short life cycle and following a non-increasing price curve. Because of the short cycle, there is a single procurement opportunity at the beginning of the cycle. The objective of the supplier is to determine the initial order quantity and the time to remove the product from the market in order to maximize her profits. We study this problem in a continuous-time framework where the demand is modeled with a non-homogeneous Poisson process h...
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