Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials
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Ching-Hua Su (MSFC: Marshall Space Flight Center)
Abstract Thermoelectric devices convert thermal energy, i.e. heat, into electric energy. With no moving parts, the thermoelectric generator has demonstrated its advantage of long-duration operational reliability. The IV–VI compound semiconductor PbTe-based materials have been widely adopted for the thermoelectric applications in the medium temperature range of 350–650 °C. In most of the reports, thermoelectric materials were manufactured by a hot pressing or quench and annealing method. The rece...
Jun-ichi Chikawa1
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Masaichi Bandou + 3 AuthorsYozo Takasaki2
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(Saga University)
Abstract Concentrations of elements in single hair samples were evaluated by X-ray fluorescence by scanning with a narrow beam in the growth direction. Zn binds to the hair protein molecules, and is distributed uniformly from hair tip to root bulb by steady-state growth. To avoid the effect of thickness variation for the bulb, the hair elements were evaluated as the amount per protein molecule using the hair [Zn], resulting in the fault-bounded [S] change typical for a solid–liquid interface; th...
S. V. Ivanov34
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(Ioffe Institute),
M.Yu. Chernov2
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(Ioffe Institute)
+ 3 AuthorsO. S. Komkov4
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(Ioffe Institute)
Abstract High-efficiency semiconductor lasers and light-emitting diodes operating in the 3–5 μm mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral range are currently of great demand for a wide variety of applications, in particular, gas sensing, noninvasive medical tests, IR spectroscopy etc. III-V compounds with a lattice constant of about 6.1 A are traditionally used for this spectral range. The attractive idea to fabricate such emitters on GaAs substrates by using In(Ga,Al)As compounds is restricted by either t...
Lex Pillatsch (Empa: Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), Fredrik Östlund6
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Johann Michler41
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(Empa: Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology)
Abstract Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a well-known technique for 3D chemical mapping at the nanoscale, with detection sensitivity in the range of ppm or even ppb. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) is the standard chemical analysis and imaging technique in modern scanning electron microscopes (SEM), and related dual-beam focussed ion beam (FIBSEM) instruments. Contrary to the use of an electron beam, in the past the ion beam in FIBSEMs has predominantly been used for local m...
Takao Abe4
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(ETSU: East Tennessee State University),
Toru Takahashi (ETSU: East Tennessee State University), Koun Shirai14
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(Osaka University)
Abstract It has been known that, in growing silicon from melts, vacancies (Vs) predominantly exist in crystals obtained by high-rate growth, while interstitial atoms (Is) predominantly exist in crystals obtained by low-rate growth. To reveal the cause, the temperature distributions in growing crystal surfaces were measured. From this result, it was presumed that the high-rate growth causes a small temperature gradient between the growth interface and the interior of the crystal; in contrast, the...
Oliver Supplie11
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(Technische Universität Ilmenau),
Oliver Supplie (Technische Universität Ilmenau)+ 8 AuthorsPeter Kleinschmidt12
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(Technische Universität Ilmenau)
Abstract The integration of III–V semiconductors with Si has been pursued for more than 25 years since it is strongly desired in various high-efficiency applications ranging from microelectronics to energy conversion. In the last decade, there have been tremendous advances in Si preparation in hydrogen-based metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) environment, III–V nucleation and subsequent heteroepitaxial layer growth. Simultaneously, MOVPE itself took off in its triumphal course in solid sta...
Gleb M. Katyba5
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(Bauman Moscow State Technical University),
Kirill I. Zaytsev12
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(Bauman Moscow State Technical University)
+ 7 AuthorsIgor V. Reshetov
Abstract Second half of the XX century was marked by a rapid development of sapphire shaped crystal growth technologies, driven by the demands for fast, low-cost, and technologically reliable methods of producing sapphire crystals of complex shape. Numerous techniques of shaped crystal growth from a melt have been proposed relying on the Stepanov concept of crystal shaping. In this review, we briefly describe the development of growth techniques, with a strong emphasize on those that yield sapph...
Marcin Zajac8
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(PAN: Polish Academy of Sciences),
R. Kucharski1
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(PAN: Polish Academy of Sciences)
+ 7 AuthorsMichal Bockowski21
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(PAN: Polish Academy of Sciences)
Abstract Recent progress in ammonothermal technology of bulk GaN growth in basic environment is presented and discussed in this paper. This method enables growth of two-inch in diameter crystals of outstanding structural properties, with radius of curvature above tens of meters and low threading dislocation density of the order of 5 × 10 4 cm −2 . Crystals with different types of conductivity, n-type with free electron concentration up to 10 19 cm −3 , p-type with free hole concentration of 10 1...
Nischith Raphael (University of Mysore), K. Namratha10
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(University of Mysore)
+ 6 AuthorsK. Byrappa26
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(University of Mysore)
Abstract This review is an audit of various Carbon fibers (CF) surface modification techniques that have been attempted and which produced results with an enhancement in the interfacial characteristics of CFRP systems. An introduction to the CF surface morphology, various techniques of modifications, their results and challenges are discussed here. CFs are emerging as the most promising materials for designing many technologically significant materials for current and future generations. In orde...