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Abstract— The effect of economic sanctions on the development of the transport industry is considered. Land transport is mainly discussed. The main results of the development of freight transport and large infrastructure projects as well as the introduction of modern rolling stock in different modes of transport are analyzed. Opinions according to which the transport industry of the country can handle additional volumes of freight transport under conditions of the dynamic development of economy ...
Abstract— The article analyzes and comments on the results of the latest survey of Russian enterprises in the real sector conducted by the Institute of Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Information on which macroeconomic problems of modern Russia create the greatest difficulties for Russian enterprises is provided. Data on cooperation between Russian enterprises and banks are considered. The enterprises’ opinions on how their activities had been affected by mutual economic...
Abstract— The article conceptualizes the problem of the mutual influence of the development of industry technologies 4.0. and transformation of the employment system. Global scenarios were designed to explore driving forces and actions for a smooth transition to new technologies and the paradigm of work. The article focuses on key measures that can form the core of national strategies.
Abstract This paper discusses the economic complexity index, principles of its calculation, its interrelation with other economic macroparameters, and advantages and disadvantages of this index from the point of view of the comparative country analysis. The hypothesis about association between the complexity of the economy and the monetization of GDP is substantiated. The hypothesis is verified by econometric analysis, using the manufacturing inventories index. The ways various economies create ...
Abstract— The paper considers the problem of precarious employment, which is widespread in the modern world and in Russia. It shows the role of this problem, which limits the implementation and development of the labor potential of workers and poses a threat to the living standard and quality of life of citizens and social stability. Possible measures of state economic policy that allow reducing the scale of precarious employment and mitigating the problems of infringement of workers’ labor and ...
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Abstract The paper contemplates the current state of Russia’s economy and the forecast of major directions of its socio-economic development in 2020–2024 and for the period up to 2035. The analysis and assessment of the potential for economic growth, as well as key constraints and risks of its realization in the specified period are provided. The requirements to engage the facrtors of of economic growth in the medium term perspective are substantiated. The values of key indicators of the medium ...
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