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En las primeras decadas del siglo XXI, el crecimiento de la demanda de transporte y del transito vial han causado, particularmente en las grandes ciudades, el aumento de la congestion en sus redes viales, siendo la motocicleta en latinoamerica un vehiculo en alto crecimiento que contribuye a este fenomeno, incrementando las externalidades negativas del transporte. En Colombia se paso de tener 2,6 millones de motos registradas en 2009 (45% del parque automotor), a 8,6 millones de motos en 2019 (5...
La presente investigacion de maestria corresponde a los resultados de la investigacion realizada en torno a la Transformacion organizacional en un hospital universitario, en el primer semestre de 2019. El objetivo general consistio en proponer estrategias de transformacion del sistema organizacional del Hospital Universitario Nacional en funcion del mejoramiento de sus acciones, a partir de las practicas de los actores involucrados en la implementacion de la politica actual. Este fue un estudio ...
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Este estudio presenta la relacion entre los movimientos sacadicos (MS) y las fijaciones en un ambiente virtual 2D con el rendimiento deportivo, en tenistas prejuveniles colombianos. Metodos: un grupo de jugadores de ranking avanzado y otro de ranking intermedio (segun el registro de la Federacion Colombiana de Tenis), se enfrentaron a hacer visualizaciones de un punto rojo sobre una pantalla negra en un ambiente virtual 2D. Para ello, se realizaron dos actividades indeterminadas y dos predetermi...
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#2Alexandru Pohonţu (University of Angers)H-Index: 1
Last. Adrian VilcuH-Index: 1
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Abstract The mergіng оf оrgаnіzаtіоnаl leаrnіng theоry аnd knоwledge mаnаgement іn recent yeаrs hаs gіven rіse tо іmроrtаnt іnsіghts regаrdіng the leаrnіng рrоcess аnd knоwledge trаnsfer thаt stіll requіres much reflectіоn іn оrder tо be іntegrаted іntо рrаctіce. However, few studies could be found in literature which focuse on what and how the influencing factors are related to organizational learning and knowledge sharing taken as a synergistic process. The purpose of this paper is to identify...
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#1E. Zabelina (Chelyabinsk State University)
#2Yu. Chestyunina (Chelyabinsk State University)
Last. E. Vedeneyeva (Chelyabinsk State University)
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Abstract The article presents the results of the study of time perspective as a predictor of procrastination. It shows how the test subjects with high procrastination rates are more pessimistic and negative about past events; they are less focused on future plans, goals, and prospects, and are convinced that their future is predetermined and cannot be influenced by individual actions. The discriminant analysis revealed negative attitude toward the past, fatalistic perception of the future, and l...
Abstract This study examined the impact of the stakeholder management model on diverse stakeholders’ satisfaction variables and the organizational culture of three schools: A’ in which the stakeholder management model was assimilated; B’, a school which experiments with the model for three years; and C’, a school which has not adopted the model. The leading premise for this study was that schools today operate in complex and competitive reality; thus, if they want to flourish and excel to be com...
#1Nada Trunk Sirca (University of Primorska)H-Index: 7
#2Valerij DermolH-Index: 5
Last. Aleš TrunkH-Index: 2
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Abstract Education is a vital part of any social cohesion agenda because educational outcomes affect all dimensions of the social cohesion triangle (social inclusion – social capital – social mobility). In this paper, we are focusing on the integration of Roma and migrant children in schools and the activation of youth to help as volunteers. Although diversity is an opportunity to make schools more inclusive, creative and open-minded, inequality in education is highest among Roma and migrant chi...
Abstract Microgrids represent a means of improving the conventional electrical grid network, making it more reliable, secure, cooperative, efficient and, especially cleaner. This paper presents the management of a hierarchical DC-coupled microgrid with distributed architecture implemented in a microgrid laboratory containing two renewable sources, namely wind and hydro. Power supply management strategies are applied in order to supply a critical, non-dispatchable load. Due to effective managemen...
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Abstract Changing technologies, where development time for a new work product must be decreased with each year due to a higher customer competition, also leads to a change in mindset in the way in which product development is currently done. Gamification models are one of this “game-changing” strategies that was considered suitable to also be implemented in the automotive software product development topic, but not only in this area. This paper describes the current situation in adopting on larg...
#1François Fulconis (University of Avignon)H-Index: 2
#2Paché Gilles (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 11
In the past three decades, many firms have chosen to outsource logistics operations management to specialized suppliers called logistics service providers (LSPs). This managerial reality has been described and analyzed extensively in academic studies in marketing, strategic management and logistics management. More recently, a new generation of providers, called LLPs (lead logistics providers) and 4PL (fourth party logistics) providers, have radically altered the logistics industry. They notably...
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