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Abstract The Politehnica University of Timisoara integrates information technologies into education. It adapted its teaching and learning processes by introducing a blended learning system. This paper represents an inside-out approach of the Virtual Campus Moodle based platform. Integrating the Virtual Campus into teaching meant: online, constant and continuous academic and communication support, communication tools, tools for supporting / developing / teaching the activity, improving the academ...
#1Elena-Sabina Turnea (UAIC: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University)H-Index: 1
Abstract Total reward is a process of human resource management rarely encountered in Romanian entrepreneurial practices. Businesses that are using this concept are often organized in joint-stocks companies with foreign capital. There are also situations where smaller companies provide their employees organizational rewards, applying the idea of total rewards. However, in these cases, business executives, usually make use of this concept in an unrealistic manner. If in Romanian companies total r...
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#1Edwin Tytyk (PUT: Poznań University of Technology)H-Index: 3
#2Beata Mrugalska (PUT: Poznań University of Technology)H-Index: 7
Abstract The paper examines the characteristics of changes that are intentionally introduced by humans into their living environment. It shows that technical and organizational changes without taking into account human factors criteria - and thus also ergonomic criteria - are the source of many losses. Moreover, the paper contains a discussion of the sequence of actions that lead to relevant changes in the existing reality. It also illustrates innovative engineering applications in the field of ...
Abstract As presenting a part of a larger study, the aim of this paper is to present how the change management is considered from the first steps in the implementation of a solar energy generator as a need in the complex change process from totally fossil to a hybrid system (that may reach 100% solar), in the presence of technological and economic change triggering factors (CTF). The need of change management (CM) in the implementation of solar energy generation begins from the very moment and f...
Abstract The transformation of traditional value chain processes towards a digital value chain management enables companies to sustainably establish and retain a competitive market position. Digitisation offers the opportunity to design and operate expansive process chains with efficient process operations via co-operative platforms. Increased customer loyalty („lock-in”) via integrated measures at the front-end raises utilization and planning certainty for the technological recovery systems.
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Abstract The division of labor and the growing number of businesses have led to the situation where the superior is no longer able to make all decisions alone and therefore is required to delegate. Delegation has been around for a long time and has become critical to modern businesses. We must differentiate between delegating an assignment, in the sense of delegation work and delegating the responsibility. These aspects are often misunderstood or not differentiated at all. Employees should not o...
Abstract Microgrids represent a means of improving the conventional electrical grid network, making it more reliable, secure, cooperative, efficient and, especially cleaner. This paper presents the management of a hierarchical DC-coupled microgrid with distributed architecture implemented in a microgrid laboratory containing two renewable sources, namely wind and hydro. Power supply management strategies are applied in order to supply a critical, non-dispatchable load. Due to effective managemen...
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Abstract The paper presents a new approach for product value analysis by combining a classical approach with a straightforward (intuitive) one and incorporating a new method of calculating (setting up) a statistical confidence interval in terms of functionality and cost. In this process, the value analysis team can observe the differences between the ideal and real function to cost ratio and easily set up a confidence interval avoiding negative effects on the overall product quality. Moreover, c...
Abstract Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) is a globally proven approach to improve productivity and reduce environmental impact of the enterprises. Application of RECP is beneficial for enterprises, in particular SME's, contributing to enhancing their productivity and competitiveness; for the environment by lowering the impact of their operations, and for people, by decreasing the risks to workers and communities (UNIDO, 2015). Greening up the economies, the major global trend n...
Abstract This paper is devoted to a new approach in the research of the efficiency of cooperative forms of agricultural production organization in Russia. Based on the methodology of the cooperation efficiency evaluation developed by the author, the comparative efficiency analysis of the performance of agricultural enterprises in Russia was carried out. A comparison is made between two forms of agricultural production: cooperative (represented by agricultural production cooperatives) and non-coo...
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