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Strategic Management Journal
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Published on Jul 15, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Mo Chen (UMD: University of Maryland, College Park), Aseem Kaul8
Estimated H-index: 8
(UMN: University of Minnesota),
Xun (Brian) Wu (UM: University of Michigan)
We introduce and examine the concept of inter-temporal coordination costs, i.e., the reduction in a firm’s ability to adapt within businesses as a result of its attempts to capture synergies across businesses. Using a modified NK model of search across two landscapes, we show that these costs have an inverted-U relationship with the relatedness between landscapes, and this relationship is moderated by complexity. We further extend the model to examine entry into new markets, and use it to define...
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Published on Jan 1, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Roy Suddaby33
Estimated H-index: 33
Diego Maganhotto Coraiola3
Estimated H-index: 3
+ 1 AuthorsWilliam M. Foster12
Estimated H-index: 12
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Published on Mar 7, 2017in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Sharon Belenzon12
Estimated H-index: 12
Niron Hashai15
Estimated H-index: 15
+ 0 AuthorsAndrea Patacconi6
Estimated H-index: 6
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Published on Jul 14, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Ryan Krause12
Estimated H-index: 12
(TCU: Texas Christian University),
Weiwen Li7
Estimated H-index: 7
(SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)
+ 1 AuthorsGarry D. Bruton50
Estimated H-index: 50
(TCU: Texas Christian University)
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Published on May 24, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Orhun Guldiken (International University, Cambodia), Orhun Guldiken (International University, Cambodia)+ 1 AuthorsCynthia E. Clark6
Estimated H-index: 6
(Bentley University)
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Published on Mar 29, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Marco Corsino2
Estimated H-index: 2
Myriam Mariani12
Estimated H-index: 12
Salvatore Torrisi20
Estimated H-index: 20
(University of Milano-Bicocca)
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Published on Mar 26, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Caroline Flammer9
Estimated H-index: 9
Bryan Hong4
Estimated H-index: 4
(NYU: New York University)
+ 0 AuthorsDylan Minor7
Estimated H-index: 7
(NU: Northwestern University)
This study examines the antecedents and consequences of integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) criteria in executive compensation, a relatively recent practice in corporate governance. Using a novel database of CSR contracting, we find that CSR contracting is more prevalent in emission-intensive industries and has become more prevalent over time. When we examine the impact of CSR contracting on firm-level outcomes, we find that the adoption of CSR contracting leads to i) a reduction i...
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Published on Mar 22, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Siddharth Natarajan (NUS: National University of Singapore), Ishtiaq P. Mahmood13
Estimated H-index: 13
(NUS: National University of Singapore),
Will Mitchell49
Estimated H-index: 49
(U of T: University of Toronto)
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Published on Mar 28, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Joel L. Andrus2
Estimated H-index: 2
Michael C. Withers11
Estimated H-index: 11
(A&M: Texas A&M University)
+ 1 AuthorsSteven Boivie14
Estimated H-index: 14
(A&M: Texas A&M University)
Research Summary Why do top executives leave their firms? Research on executive turnover has either focused on CEO dismissal or on group‐level top management team (TMT) departure rates, mostly ignoring individual‐level factors that would predict why non‐CEO executives exit. Here, we extend the shock perspective of the unfolding model of turnover used in organizational behavior research to show how relational and reputational shocks influence turnover at the executive level. Our sample includes o...
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Published on Mar 5, 2019in Strategic Management Journal 5.57
Jennifer M. Knippen1
Estimated H-index: 1
(Eckerd College),
Wei Shen18
Estimated H-index: 18
(ASU: Arizona State University),
Qi Zhu (ASU: Arizona State University)
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