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Non-invasive characterization of micro-vibrations in the tympanic membrane (TM) excited by external sound waves is considered as a promising and essential diagnosis in modern otolaryngology. To verify the possibility of measuring and discriminating the vibrating pattern of TM, here we describe a micro-vibration measurement method of latex membrane resembling the TM. The measurements are obtained with an externally generated audio stimuli of 2.0, 2.2, 2.8, 3.1 and 3.2 kHz, and their respective vi...
An in-line and real time chromatic sensor for liquids based on plastic optical fiber was developed. It uses an air gap, fiber to fiber, transmission principle. Its dependency to turbidity and refractive index is studied and characterized. This information will provide the necessary knowledge for future implementation of more complex auto-compensations routines. Due to the predictable behavior of the sensor to variations of turbidity and refractive index, it is shown that a posterior compensation...
Night-time surveillance is important for safety and security purposes. For this reason, several studies have attempted to automatically detect people intruding into restricted areas by using infrared cameras. However, detecting people from infrared CCTV (closed-circuit television) is challenging because they are usually installed in overhead locations and people only occupy small regions in the resulting image. Therefore, this study proposes an accurate and efficient method for detecting people ...
Accurate target detection is the basis of normal driving for intelligent vehicles. However, the sensors currently used for target detection have types of defects at the perception level, which can be compensated by sensor fusion technology. In this paper, the application of sensor fusion technology in intelligent vehicle target detection is studied with a millimeter-wave (MMW) radar and a camera. The target level fusion hierarchy is adopted, and the fusion algorithm is divided into two tracking ...
Recent technological advances in both air sensing technology and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity have enabled the development and deployment of remote monitoring networks of air quality sensors. The compact size and low power requirements of both sensors and IoT data loggers allow for the development of remote sensing nodes with power and connectivity versatility. With these technological advancements, sensor networks can be developed and deployed for various ambient air monitoring applica...
The motion of a rigid body can be represented by the instantaneous screw axis (ISA, also known as the helical axis). Recently, an invariant representation of motion based on the ISA, namely, the screw axis invariant descriptor (SAID), was proposed in the literature. The SAID consists of six scalar features that are independent from the coordinate system chosen to represent the motion. This method proved its usefulness in robotics; however, a high sensitivity to noise was observed. This paper aim...
Heart diseases are among the most common death causes in the population. Particularly, sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the cause of 10% of the deaths around the world. For this reason, it is necessary to develop new methodologies that can predict this event in the earliest possible stage. This work presents a novel methodology to predict when a person can develop an SCD episode before it occurs. It is based on the adroit combination of the empirical mode decomposition, nonlinear measurements, such...
Asymmetry is a cardinal symptom of gait post-stroke that is targeted during rehabilitation. Technological developments have allowed accelerometers to be a feasible tool to provide digital gait variables. Many acceleration-derived variables are proposed to measure gait asymmetry. Despite a need for accurate calculation, no consensus exists for what is the most valid and reliable variable. Using an instrumented walkway (GaitRite) as the reference standard, this study compared the validity and reli...
This paper presents an experimental platform allowing in situ measurement in an aqueous medium using an acoustic Love wave sensor. The aim of this platform, which includes the sensor, a test cell for electrical connections, a microfluidic chip, and a readout electronic circuit, is to realize a first estimation of water quality without transportation of water samples from the field to the laboratory as a medium-term objective. In the first step, to validate the ability of such a platform to opera...
The paper presents a highly efficient, low cost, ultra-wideband, microstrip monopole antenna for microwave imaging and wireless communications applications. A new structure (z-shape, ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole) is designed, which consists of stepped meander lines to achieve super-wide bandwidth and high efficiency. Three steps are used to design the proposed structure for the purpose to achieve high efficiency and wide bandwidth. The antenna bandwidth is enhanced by varying the length of mean...
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