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#1Brian Caulfield (UCD: University College Dublin)H-Index: 34
#2Brenda ReginattoH-Index: 2
Last.Patrick Slevin (UCD: University College Dublin)H-Index: 2
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Recent years have witnessed an explosion in the number of wearable sensing devices and associated apps that target a wide range of biomedical metrics, from actigraphy to glucose monitoring to lung function. This offers big opportunities for achieving scale in the use of such devices in application contexts such as telehealth, human performance and behaviour research and digitally enabled clinical trials. However, this increased availability and choice of sensors also brings with it a great chall...
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Recording underwater impulsive noise data is an important aspect of mitigating its environmental impact and improving maritime environmental management systems. This paper describes the method used and results of the spatial monitoring of both the baseline noise level and the impulsive noise sources in the Port of Cartagena. An autonomous vessel was equipped with a smart digital hydrophone with a working frequency range between 10 and 200 kHz and a received voltage response (RVR) of, approximate...
Last.Rafael GavaraH-Index: 43
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A chromatic sensor has been designed for the detection of oxygen in package headspace. The sensor is based on the redox change of methylene blue (MB) to its leuco form. Its formulation includes the pigment, glycerol, as a sacrificial electron donor, TiO2, as a photocatalyst and ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), as a structural polymer matrix. The final sensor design that allows its manufacture by conventional printing and laminating technologies consists of the sensing polymer matrix (MB-...
Soil nitrate–nitrogen (NO3−-N) is one of the primary factors used to control nitrogen topdressing application during the crop growth period. The ion-selective electrode (ISE) is a promising method for rapid lower-cost in-field detection. Due to the simplification of sample preparation, the accuracy and stability of ISE-based in-field detection is doubted. In this paper, a self-designed prototype system for on-site soil NO3−-N detection was developed. The procedure of spinning centrifugation was ...
#1Xiaochen ZhangH-Index: 1
Last.Fei HuH-Index: 1
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This paper presents the analysis and design of a new, wearable orientation guidance device in modern travel aid systems for blind and visually impaired people. The four-stage double-diamond design model was applied in the design process to achieve human-centric innovation and to ensure technical feasibility and economic viability. Consequently, a sliding tactile feedback wristband was designed and prototyped. Furthermore, a Bezier curve-based adaptive path planner is proposed to guarantee collis...
#2Michela JanniH-Index: 12
Last.Andrea ZappettiniH-Index: 14
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Environment, biodiversity and ecosystem services are essential to ensure food security and nutrition. Managing natural resources and mainstreaming biodiversity across agriculture sectors are keys towards a sustainable agriculture focused on resource efficiency. Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) is considered the main driving force of water movements in the plant vascular system, however the tools available to monitor this parameter are usually based on environmental monitoring. The driving motif of ...
#1Wenfa ZhuH-Index: 2
Last.Haiyan ZhangH-Index: 2
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High-precision ultrasound imaging of void defects is critical for the performance and safety assessment of ballastless track structures. The sound propagation velocity of each layer in the ballastless track structure is quite different. However, the traditional concrete Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT) ultrasound imaging method is based on the assumption that the concrete has a single constant shear wave velocity. Thus, it is not a suitable method for the ultrasonic imaging of multil...
#1Deivid BotinaH-Index: 1
Last.Sara M. RobledoH-Index: 23
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Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is a neglected tropical disease that requires novel tools for its understanding, diagnosis, and treatment follow-up. In the cases of other cutaneous pathologies, such as cancer or cutaneous ulcers due to diabetes, optical diffuse reflectance-based tools and methods are widely used for the investigation of those illnesses. These types of tools and methods offer the possibility to develop portable diagnosis and treatment follow-up systems. In this article, we propose t...
Behavioral assessment, such as systematic scoring or biomechanical measurement, is often used to evaluate the extent of the damage and the degree of recovery after spinal cord injury. However, the use of these methods in standardized evaluation is limited because they are subjective and require complex test systems to implement. Here, we report a novel, flexible, microstructure-based pressure sensor and demonstrate its superior sensitivity (235.12 kPa−1 for 5.5~135 Pa and 2.24 kPa−1 for 0.6~25 k...
#1Qian ZhaoH-Index: 3
Last.Hailu YangH-Index: 3
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In order to control the adverse effect of vehicles overloading infrastructure and traffic safety, weight-in-motion (WIM)-related research has drawn growing attention. To address the high cost of current piezoelectric sensors in installation and maintenance, a study on developing a low-cost piezoceramic sensing system is presented in this paper. The proposed system features distributed monitoring and integrated packaging, for calculating vehicle’s dynamic load and its wheel position. Results from...
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