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Consumer Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility Authenticity (CPCSRA) belongs to the field of micro Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) research. In general, understanding the formation mechanism of CPCSRA could make it better able to play its role in several ways. Firstly, most previous studies do not empirically consider a key factor, i.e., the consumer perceived senior managers’ involvement. We add this key factor into the independent variables of our formation mechanism. Secondly, most ...
The biocidal properties of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) could be used in plant protection. However, the effects of H2O2 foliar spraying on the performance of the potato photosynthetic apparatus are still unclear. A pot experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of foliar spraying, which was done twice, with various H2O2 concentrations (1, 3, 6, 12, and 18%) on the potato photosynthetic apparatus efficiency and antioxidant capacity. The measurements were taken four times: on the first and sev...
This paper elucidates the development of a deep learning–based driver assistant that can prevent driving accidents arising from drowsiness. As a precursor to this assistant, the relationship between the sensation of sleep depravity among drivers during long journeys and CO2 concentrations in vehicles is established. Multimodal signals are collected by the assistant using five sensors that measure the levels of CO, CO2, and particulate matter (PM), as well as the temperature and humidity. These s...
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Many images of agricultural crops are made at different times of the day, images with different spectral information about the same crop in relation to conditions when the picture was taken. A set of 30 digital images of a wheat crop in the BBCH 3-Stem elongation code 32–33 stage was captured between 9 am and 14 (UTC+3), in the 0°–180° variation range of the image acquisition angle on the E-W axis (cardinal directions). A high variation of the spectral data given by the combination of the hour (...
The objective of this research was to investigate the quality of hybrid briquettes developed from corncobs (CC) and oil palm trunk bark (OPTB) under a low-pressure densification technique. The materials were combined in varying ratios of CC to OPTB (100:0, 75:25, 50:50, 25:75, 0:100) and wastepaper pulp (10% by weight) was added to each mixture as a binder. The briquettes were produced using a manually operated 20-tonne hydraulic piston press at 28 °C temperature and ≤7 MPa compaction pressure. ...
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Supply of resources, a growing population, and environmental pollution are some of the main challenges facing the contemporary world. The rapid development of mining activities has produced huge amounts of waste. This waste, found in abandoned mine sites, provides the potential opportunity of extracting raw material. The current study, therefore, focuses on testing the validation of a shared methodology to recover extractive waste from abandoned mines, and applies this methodology to a case stud...
To date, entrepreneurship research has rarely focused on cooperatives. Recent research has suggested there is a positive association between cooperatives and women’s entrepreneurial activity based on the assumption that this model is especially suitable for women’s expectations and is favourable to their economic entrepreneurial development. However, few studies have empirically tested these propositions. This research, which analysed data from 264 Spanish cooperatives, confirms these findings. ...
A close relationship exists between population, the housing market and the level of employment at the local level. On the one hand, the housing market is influenced by local planning decisions and, on the other hand, that market is a significant factor in population and economic dynamization. Although there are studies on these variables, it is not common to include their spatial perspective by introducing Geographic Information System (GIS) tools in the analysis. The aim of this study is to ana...
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An increasing number of agricultural transition initiatives are taking place, seeking more autonomy and resilience on the farms. This undeniably reshapes the landscape and the delivery of ecosystem services (ES). To date, little research includes the knowledge and perceptions of local communities on rural landscapes in agricultural transition. Yet, farmers shape the landscape and ES delivery, and local inhabitants are directly impacted. The present work aims at assessing the extent to which loca...
The fashion industry has been under the spotlight in recent years due to its negative social and environmental impacts. However, there is limited literature on how companies in the fashion industry communicate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. This study aims to present a full picture of the paradigm of CSR reporting in the fashion industry by revealing the changes in CSR reporting practices and identifying the possible reasons behind the change. Content analysis was employe...
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