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This research has been conducted using the UK Biobank Resource under Application Numbers 20272, 10019 and 31852. Study-specific acknowledgements and funding sources are listed in the Supplementary Note 1.
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Abstract Objective Human blood metabolites are influenced by a number of lifestyle and environmental factors. Identification of these factors and the proper quantification of their relevance provides insights into human biological and metabolic disease processes, is key for standardized translation of metabolite biomarkers into clinical applications, and is a prerequisite for comparability of data between studies. However, so far only limited data exist from large and well-phenotyped human cohor...
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Summary Background Early treatment intensification leading to sustained good glycaemic control is essential to delay diabetic complications. Although initial combination therapy has been suggested to offer more opportunities than a traditional stepwise approach, its validity remains to be determined. Methods Vildagliptin Efficacy in combination with metfoRmIn For earlY treatment of type 2 diabetes (VERIFY) was a randomised, double-blind, parallel-group study of newly diagnosed patients with type...
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Elevated serum urate levels cause gout and correlate with cardiometabolic diseases via poorly understood mechanisms. We performed a trans-ancestry genome-wide association study of serum urate in 457,690 individuals, identifying 183 loci (147 previously unknown) that improve the prediction of gout in an independent cohort of 334,880 individuals. Serum urate showed significant genetic correlations with many cardiometabolic traits, with genetic causality analyses supporting a substantial role for p...
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Abstract Introduction Studies suggest that there is an association between weather and cardiovascular disease (CVD) related visits in emergency departments (ED). Methods We used a case-crossover study design to investigate the association between ED visits for CVD and changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity. Patient and weather data from the years 2014 and 2015 were used to investigate relevance of changes associated with weather in the frequency of CVD-related ED vis...
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