Zoltán Kern
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
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Abstract. Reconstructions of global hydroclimate during the Common Era (CE; the past ~ 2000 years) are important for providing context for current and future global environmental change. Stable isotope ratios in water are quantitative indicators of hydroclimate on regional to global scales, and these signals are encoded in a wide range of natural geologic archives. Here we present the Iso2k database, a global compilation of previously published datasets from a variety of natural archives that re...
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Abstract Several studies applied numerical age determination methods to examine glacial phases of the central Balkan Peninsula. However, the resulting datasets are contradictory, meaning that further discussion is needed. This study provides 10Be cosmic ray exposure (CRE) ages of a succession of glacial landforms in the Jablanica Mt. (North Macedonia), aiming at a better understanding of Late Pleistocene glacier development in the area. On the basis of the mapped glacial landforms, six glacial s...
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Abstract Ring-width series are important for diverse fields of research such as the study of past climate, forest ecology, forest genetics, and the determination of origin (dendro-provenancing) or dating of archaeological objects. Recent research suggests diverging climate-growth relationships in tree-rings due to the cardinal direction of extracting the tree cores (i.e. direction-specific effect). This presents an understudied source of bias that potentially affects many data sets in tree-ring ...
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Abstract A stalagmitic flowstone deposit from the Beke Cave (called Nagy-tufa deposit), East-Central Europe is characterized by complex, climate related textural and geochemical records as documented from a drill core (BNT-2 core) covering the period of 4 to 1 ka cal BP. The core location was monitored in an earlier study. Based on monitoring, textural and chemical relationships, it has been hypothesized that the stable carbon isotope signal of the flowstone deposit is a regional humidity record...
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Abstract Lake Bolătău-Feredeu is a small (surface: 0.3 ha; catchment area: 31 ha) landslide-dammed lake in Bukovina (Eastern Carpathians, Romania). Elemental concentration, stable isotope composition of carbon and nitrogen, and n-alkane composition of the saturated hydrocarbon fraction of the organic material were analyzed along the sediment profile from Lake Bolătău-Feredeu covering the past ∼700 years. The ranges of δ 13 C values (−30.5 to −26.6‰) and C/N atomic ratios (10.5 and 15.4) placed t...
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Abstract. Stable isotope records from speleothems provide information on past climate changes, most particularly information that can be used to reconstruct past changes in precipitation and atmospheric circulation. These records are increasingly being used to provide out-of-sample evaluations of isotope-enabled climate models. SISAL (Speleothem Isotope Synthesis and Analysis) is an international working group of the Past Global Changes (PAGES) project. The working group aims to provide a compre...
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Although glacial landforms on the Balkan Peninsula have been studied since the 19th century, only scarce data are available about the extent of the former glaciations in the Central Balkan Peninsula, the transition zone between the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Glacial features of the Jablanica Mt. were mapped, described and classified into morphostratigraphic units. A revised glacio-geomorphological map was produced and glacial landforms were assigned to six morphostratigraphic units. Ten p...
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