Robert M. Suryan
Oregon State University
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Avian species host diverse communities of microorganisms which have important roles in the life of birds, including increased metabolism, protection from disease, and immune system development. Along with high human populations and a diversity of human uses of coastal zones, anthropogenic food sources are becoming increasingly available to some species, including gulls. Anthropogenic associations increase the likelihood of encountering foreign or pathogenic bacteria. Diseases in birds caused by ...
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Abstract Successful foraging of marine predators depends on environmental conditions, which also influence prey availability. Neutral or negative El Nino Southern Oscillation and Pacific Decadal Oscillation ocean conditions during the summer of 2013 and strongly positive conditions during the summer of 2015 in the northern California Current System provided a case study to evaluate a marine predator's response to anomalously warm conditions. We used satellite transmitters with saltwater switches...
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: 尽管全世界的渔场都面临着海鸟和其它寿命长的物种遭到兼捕这样一个重要保护问题, 但关于渔场中这些低繁殖率物种的死亡率显著下降的案例分析仍然很少。本研究分析了规模最大、种类最多的底层渔场之一的阿拉斯加延绳钓渔场在海鸟保护方面的进展。我们根据 23 年间渔场的观察数据, 获得了四个目标渔场和所有渔场整体上每年海鸟兼捕率的数据, 并用零膨胀负二项模型估计了两个目标渔场中影响每单位工作量的海鸟兼捕量 (bycatch per unit effort, BPUE) 的因素。在从自愿到强制性地采用了飞绳钓方法之后, 海鸟 BPUE 减少了77-90%, 每年防止了数千只鸟的死亡。尽管如此, 采用飞绳钓后, 四个目标渔场中还是有两个渔场 BPUE 显著增加。虽然夜间放钓竿相比于日间放钓竿, 海鸟 BPUE 显著减少 (74-97%), 且每单位工作量的渔获量显著增加 (7-11%), 但夜间放钓竿导致暴雪鹱 (Fulmarus glacialis) 的 BPUE 增加了40%, 非目标鱼种的 BPUE 也增加了5-17%。因此, 防止延绳钓渔场中海鸟死亡的最佳实践取决于物种群落和渔场的具体情况。我...
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Last. Robert M. Suryan (OSU: Oregon State University)H-Index: 23
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: Seabirds are integral components of marine ecosystems and, with many populations globally threatened, there is a critical need for effective and scalable seabird monitoring strategies. Many seabird species nest in burrows, which can make traditional monitoring methods costly, infeasible, or damaging to nesting habitats. Traditional burrow occupancy surveys, where possible, can occur infrequently and therefore lead to an incomplete understanding of population trends. For example, in Oregon, dur...
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Abstract Bird scaring lines (BSLs) protect longline fishing gear from seabird attacks, save bait, reduce incidental seabird mortality and are the most commonly prescribed seabird bycatch mitigation measure worldwide. We collaborated with fishermen to assess the efficacy of applying BSL regulations from the demersal longline sablefish fishery in Alaska to a similar fishery along the U.S West Coast. In contrast to Alaska, some U.S. West Coast vessels use floats along the line to keep hooks off the...
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Author(s): Wells, Brian K; Schroeder, Isaac D; Bograd, Steven J; Hazen, Elliott L; Jacox, Michael G; Leising, Andrew; Mantua, Nathan; Santora, Jarrod A; Fisher, Jennifer; Peterson, William T; Bjorkstedt, Eric; Robertson, Roxanne R; Chavez, Francisco P; Goericke, Ralf; Kudela, Raphael; Anderson, Clarissa; Lavaniegos, Bertha E; Gomez-Valdes, Jose; Brodeur, Richard D; Daly, Elizabeth A; Morgan, Cheryl A; Auth, Toby D; Field, John C; Sakuma, Keith; McClatchie, Sam; Thompson, Andrew R; Weber, Edward ...
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Restoration or establishment of colonies using translocation and hand-rearing can be an effective tool for conserving birds. However, well-designed post-release evaluation studies for long-lived species are rarely implemented. We investigated the attendance and breeding attempts of hand-reared short-tailed albatross (STAL) Phoebastria albatrus chicks (n = 69) translocated to a historic breeding island in the Ogasawara Islands, 350 km from the source colony, for 8 consecutive years after the firs...
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