Vassily A. Lyubetsky
Russian Academy of Sciences
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Gerontogenes include those that modulate life expectancy in various species and may be the actual longevity genes. We believe that a long (relative to body weight) lifespan in individual rodent and primate species can be due, among other things, to the loss of particular genes that are present in short-lived species of the same orders. These genes can also explain the widely different rates of aging among diverse species as well as why similarly sized rodents or primates sometimes have anomalous...
Additional file 4:. The contents of the lossgainRSL program configuration file used to identify mouse genes lost in mammals with a long lifespan.
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Cardiolipin interacts with many proteins of the mitochondrial inner membrane and, together with cytochrome C and creatine kinase, activates them. It can be considered as an integrating factor for components of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, which provides for an efficient transfer of electrons and protons. The major, if not the only, factor of cardiolipin maturation is tafazzin. Variations of isoform proportions of this enzyme can cause severe diseases such as Barth syndrome. Using bioinfo...
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Summary The molecular basis of higher regenerative capacity of cold-blooded animals comparing to warm-blooded ones is poorly understood. Although this difference in regenerative capacities is commonly thought to be a result of restructuring of the same regulatory gene network, we hypothesized that it may be due to loss of some genes essential for regeneration. We describe here a bioinformatic method that allowed us to identify such genes. For investigation in depth we selected one of them encodi...
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#1Oleg A. Zverkov (RAS: Russian Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 5
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Two enigmatic groups of morphologically simple parasites of invertebrates, the Dicyemida (syn. Rhombozoa) and the Orthonectida, since the 19th century have been usually considered as two classes of the phylum Mesozoa. Early molecular evidence suggested their relationship within the Spiralia (=Lophotrochozoa), however high rates of dicyemid and orthonectid sequence evolution led to contradicting phylogeny reconstructions. Genomic data for orthonectids revealed that they are highly simplified spir...
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We make use of a finite support product of the Jensen minimal forcing to define a model of set theory in which the separation theorem fails for projective classes \mathbf\Sigma^1_nand \mathbf\Pi^1_n for a given n\ge3