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The recognition of Holarctic species, those shared between Nearctic and Palaearctic regions, often implies continuous or recent events of gene flow across the 85-km-wide Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia. During the Pleistocene (2.8–0.012 Mya), the Bering land bridge has provided frequent episodes of continuous, tundra habitat across this barrier, while the taiga forests of the northern hemisphere has been separated for much longer, at least 5.4 Mya. This more ancient divergence has led to...
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The recently established subtribe Acylophorina comprises several morphologically diverse genera. They were revealed as a monophyletic group primarily by molecular-based phylogenetic analysis. The morphological disparity and significantly disjunct geographical distribution of Acylophorina suggest a higher diversity in the past that has been reduced by extinctions. Consequently, the fossil record preserving extinct transitional morphologies is a very important source of data to test for monophyly ...
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Leptusa atriceps and L. antarctica, flightess representatives of the nearly global genus Leptusa in the remote and widely distributed subantarctic islands, are taxonomically revised. Identity and t...
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