Yiannis Samaras
Purdue University
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A rapid and sensitive method for the identification of quaternary ammonium and tertiary sulfonium compounds is described. The method utilizes plasma desorption mass spectrometry (PDMS) in which a 252Cf ionizing source produces fission fragments which interact with the sample to yield ions which are then analyzed by a time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The method was applied to analyses of authentic standards and to the identification of quaternary ammonium and tertiary sulfonium compounds in high...
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A series of near-isogenic glycinebetaine-containing and -deficient F8 pairs of Zea mays L. (maize) lines were developed. The pairs of lines differ for alternative alleles of a single locus; the wild-type allele conferring glycinebetaine accumulation is designated Bet1 and the mutant (recessive) allele is designated bet1. The near-isogenic lines were used to investigate whether glycinebetaine deficiency affects the pool size of the glycinebetaine precursor, choline, using a new method for glycine...
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The use of tissue culture for improving osmotic (water and salt) stress tolerance in plants has been envisaged primarily on the assumed agricultural potential that will arise from the unique genetic manipulations that can be imposed on cells and tissues in vitro (Nabors 1976; Stavarek and Rains 1984; Raghava Ram and Nabors 1985; Spiegel-Roy and Ben-Hayyim 1985; Hasegawa et al. 1986; Tal 1990). Plant scientists who are predisposed to this philosophy, and not all are, typically view the applicatio...
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