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Marine ancestors of freshwater sponges had to undergo a series of physiological adaptations to colonize harsh and heterogeneous limnic environments. Besides reduced salinity, river-lake systems also have calcium concentrations far lower than seawater. Cell adhesion in sponges is mediated by calcium-dependent multivalent self-interactions of sulfated polysaccharides components of membrane-bound proteoglycans named aggregation factors. Cells of marine sponges require seawater average calcium conce...
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The collective "single-file" motion of water molecules through natural and artificial nanoconduits inspires the development of high-performance membranes for water separation. However, a material that contains a large number of pores combining rapid water flow with superior ion rejection is still highly desirable. Here, a 1.2 nm thick carbon nanomembrane (CNM) made from cross-linking of terphenylthiol (TPT) self-assembled monolayers is reported to possess these properties. Utilizing their extrem...
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Recombinant adeno-associated viruses (rAAV) provide outstanding options for customization and superior capabilities for gene therapy. To access their full potential, facile genetic manipulation is pivotal, including capsid loop modifications. Therefore, we assessed capsid tolerance to modifications of the structural VP proteins in terms of stability and plasticity. Flexible glycine-serine linkers of increasing sizes were, at the genetic level, introduced into the 587 loop region of the VP protei...
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The local work function is an invaluable feature for the specific analysis of the influences of atomic and molecular nanostructures on each other as well as the underlying surface. Adsorbate molecules can modify this parameter by introducing an electrical dipole moment, which affects the local contact potential. This can be accessed by Kelvin probe force microscopy (KPFM). In this paper, we demonstrate, by combining highly resolved topographic atomic force microscopy (AFM) data with the simultan...
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Two-dimensional nanomembranes are promising materials for filtration or separation by providing the basis for controlled and rapid transport between two compartments. The polymerization by UV light of diacetylene-containing lipids at an interface produces free-standing 2D nanomembranes. Here, we analyzed in situ the nanomembrane formation of 1,2-bis(10,12-tricosadiynoyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DiynePC) and 1-palmitoyl-2-(10,12-tricosadiynoyl)-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine (PTPE) on germ...
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A novel technique to study protein synthesis is proposed that uses magnetic nanoparticles in combination with microfluidic devices to achieve new insights into translational regulation. Cellular protein synthesis is an energy-demanding process which is tightly controlled and is dependent on environmental and developmental requirements. Processivity and regulation of protein synthesis as part of the posttranslational nano-machinery has now moved back into the focus of cell biology, since it becam...
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Abstract Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy is a heritable cardiac disease causing severe ventricular arrhythmias, heart failure and sudden cardiac death. It is mainly caused by mutations in genes encoding several structural proteins of the cardiac desmosomes including the DSG2 gene encoding the desmosomal cadherin desmoglein-2. Although the molecular structure of the extracellular domain of desmoglein-2 is known, it remains an open question, how mutations in DSG2 contribute to the ...
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Following publication of this article [1] we found a typographical error in the results reported in the abstract. The corrected sentences should read as below: