Zlata Flegar-Meštrić
University of Zagreb
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ABSTRACTThe aim of this study was to investigate serum paraoxonase-1 (PON1) activity and lipid status in cows with subclinical and clinical mastitis in order to evaluate systemic inflammatory and oxidative stress responses. The study was conducted on a total of 90 Holstein–Friesian dairy cows kept in farms in eastern Croatia. Cows were assigned into three groups: the cows suffering from clinical mastitis (CLM), the cows with subclinical mastitis (SCM) and control (CTL) group. In collected sera, ...
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The objective of this study was to examine whether the intake of the dry and raw fruiting bodies of white button mushrooms influence biochemical blood parameters in lambs of the Lika Pramenka sheep breed. This study was performed on 42 clinically healthy, three- month-old lambs (21 females and 21 males), randomly divided into three groups comprised of 14 lambs each (seven males and seven females). The group I was a control, in which lambs were fed on a standard diet. The group II was fed for six...
Improving quality and patient safety in the medical biochemistry laboratory accredited according to the International Standard Organization (ISO 15189:2012) requires the patient-centered evaluation of errors based on the implementation of quality indicators (QIs) across the total testing process. Our main goal was to achieve quality improvement of the preanalytical process in an emergency laboratory which had the highest error rate using risk management principles.Failure mode and effects analys...
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Standardization in laboratory medicine: Adoption of common reference intervals to the Croatian population
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