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Christian S. Kuiate
University of Texas–Pan American
Publications 2
Published on Sep 1, 2016in Human Resource Management 2.93
Steve Werner26
Estimated H-index: 26
(UH: University of Houston),
Christian S. Kuiate (UTPA: University of Texas–Pan American)+ 1 AuthorsArthur J. Francia (UH: University of Houston)
We suggest that a firm's benefits can relate to important organizational outcomes that have strategic implications. We propose a number of mechanisms that could relate benefits to strategic outcomes, including the notion that benefits can help attract and retain the type of employees who are most likely to perform in ways consistent with the firms' strategies. We illustrate this with the case of supplemental retirement benefits in an actual setting, the long-haul trucking industry. We report pos...
ABSTRACTWe examine the impact of capital structure choices for survival in a deregulated industry. Financial leverage in particular has been identified by numerous prior studies as a major determinant of the probability of survival in most industries. In the course of a deregulation, the debt overhang effect stemming from high leverage negatively affects the ability of existing firms to survive when a regulatory shock occurs (Zingales, 1998). Following such a regulatory shock, and consistent wit...