Li Tan
Guangdong Ocean University
Circular dichroismFourier transform infrared spectroscopyAqueous solutionChemistryRenin–angiotensin systemSoybean mealUmbilical veinTilapiaProtein secondary structure
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#1Jiali ChenH-Index: 1
#2Li Tan (GDOU: Guangdong Ocean University)
Last. Zhong-Ji Qian (GDOU: Guangdong Ocean University)H-Index: 2
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Microalgae are primary producers with multiple nutrients in aquatic environments, and mostly have applications in biological feed and fuel industry. There are few studies assessing the angiotensin-...
#2Pengzhi HongH-Index: 13
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The secondary structure of a protein has been identified to be a crucial indicator that governs its water solubility. Tilapia protein isolate (TPI), soybean protein isolate (SPI), and tilapia-soybean protein co-precipitates (TSPC3:1, TSPC2:1, TSPC1:1, TSPC1:2, and TSPC1:3) were prepared by mixing tilapia meat and soybean meal at different mass ratios. The results demonstrated that the water solubility of TSPCs was significantly greater than that of TPI (p <0.05). The changes in ultraviolet–visib...