Polychronis Valsamas
University of Macedonia
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IoT has evolved from an experimental to a backbone technology able to connect myriads of people, things, and services for a large range of businesses. At the same time, the emergence of SDN can ideally handle IoT challenges for elasticity, heterogeneity, and mobility, offering an architecture that abstracts decision making away from the data plane and providing a programmable network facility. Along these lines, we propose MINOS, a multi-protocol SDN platform for IoT that implements service awar...
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Last.Stuart Clayman (UCL: University College London)H-Index: 15
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Cloud network slicing can be defined as the process that enables isolated end-to-end and on-demand networking abstractions, which: (a) contain both cloud and network resources, and (b) are independently controlled, managed and orchestrated. This paper contributes to the vision of the NECOS project and relevant platform, that aim to address the limitations of current cloud computing infrastructures to accomplish the challenging requirements of the slicing approach. The NECOS platform implements t...
#1Polychronis Valsamas (UoM: University of Macedonia)
#2Ilias Sakellariou (UoM: University of Macedonia)H-Index: 7
Last.Lefteris Mamatas (UoM: University of Macedonia)H-Index: 14
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5G networks are considered as a main enabler for new services for Media & Entertainment (ME (ii) dynamic resource discovery and allocation residing at both federated open-access and local test-beds; and (iii) experimentation with modular media service orchestration mechanisms, e.g., on content caching and service elasticity. We provide proof-of-concept results demonstrating content provisioning over allocated slices and dynamic resource discovery involving European and USA test-beds, where heter...