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In recent years, replicability of neuroscientific findings, specifically those concerning correlates of morphological properties of gray matter (GM), have been subject of major scrutiny. Use of different processing pipelines and differences in their estimates of the macroscale GM may play an important role in this context. To address this issue, here, we investigated the cortical thickness estimates of three widely used pipelines. Based on analyses in two independent large-scale cohorts, we repo...
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BACKGROUND: Cognitive impairment (CI) is a frequent and debilitating symptom in MS. To better understand the neural bases of CI in MS, this magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study aimed to identify and quantify related structural brain changes and to investigate their relation to each other. METHODS: We studied 51 patients with CI and 391 patients with cognitive preservation (CP). We analyzed three-dimensional T1-weighted and FLAIR scans at 3 Tesla. We determined mean cortical thickness as well a...
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Chimpanzees are among the closest living relatives to humans and, therefore, provide a crucial comparative model for investigating primate brain evolution. In recent years, human brain research has strongly benefited from enhanced computational models and image processing pipelines that could also improve data analyses in animals by using species-specific templates. In this study, we use MRI data from the National Chimpanzee Brain Resource (NCBR) to develop the chimpanzee brain template Juna.Chi...
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Spatial smoothing of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data can be performed on volumetric images and on the extracted surface of the brain. Smoothing on the unfolded cortex should theoretically improve the ability to separate signals between brain areas that are near together in the folded cortex but are more distant in the unfolded cortex. However, surface-based method approaches (SBA) are currently not utilized as standard procedure in the preprocessing of neuroimaging data. Recent...
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Abstract Premature birth bears an increased risk for aberrant brain development concerning its structure and function. Cortical complexity (CC) expresses the fractal dimension of the brain surface and changes during neurodevelopment. We hypothesized that CC is altered after premature birth and associated with long-term cognitive development. One-hundred-and-one very premature-born adults (gestational age In premature-born adults, CC was decreased bilaterally in large lateral temporal and medial ...
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#1Igor NenadicH-Index: 23
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BACKGROUND.: Borderline personality disorder (BPD) presents with symptoms across different domains, whose neurobiology is poorly understood. METHODS.: We applied voxel-based morphometry on high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging scans of 19 female BPD patients and 50 matched female controls. RESULTS.: Group comparison showed bilateral orbitofrontal gray matter loss in patients, but no significant changes in the hippocampus. Voxel-wise correlation of gray matter with symptom severity scores fr...
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Abstract Pregnancy results in obvious physiological changes to the female body, but data as to what happens to the maternal brain after giving birth are sparse as well as inconsistent. The overall goal of this study is to determine the nature of cerebral change in the postpartum period. For this purpose, we analyzed T1-weighted brain images of 14 healthy women (age range: 25 – 38 years) at two time points, specifically within 1-2 days of childbirth (immediate postpartum) and at 4-6 weeks after c...
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Abstract Therapeutic management and research in Amyotrophic Laterals Sclerosis (ALS) have been limited by the substantial heterogeneity of progression and anatomical spread that are endemic of the disease. Neuroimaging biomarkers represent powerful additions to the current monitoring repertoire but have yielded inconsistent associations with clinical scores like the ALS functional rating scale. The D50 disease progression model was developed to address limitations with clinical indices and the d...
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Developmental language disorder (DLD) and developmental speech disorder (DSD) are common, yet their etiologies are not well understood. Atypical volume of the inferior and posterior language regions and striatum have been reported in DLD; however, variability in both methodology and study findings limits interpretations. Imaging research within DSD, on the other hand, is scarce. The present study compared grey matter volume in children with DLD, DSD, and typically developing speech and language....