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OBJECTIVES: To examine the impact of diabetes on the symptoms of women with breast cancer. SAMPLE A SETTING: 121 women with breast cancer who self-identified as having a diabetes diagnosis and 1,006 women with breast cancer without diabetes from 97 sites across the United States. METHODS A VARIABLES: Symptom scores for depression, anxiety, sexual function, peripheral neuropathy, physical function, attention function, sleep disturbance, and fatigue were compared between women with breast cancer a...
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Abstract Purpose. To compare concurrent criterion validity of the Self-Reported Fitness (SRFit) Survey, a new fitness measure, between black and white race, gender, and health literacy groups. Design. Cross-sectional. Setting. Midwest urban primary care center and commercial fitness center. Subjects. One hundred one black, white, male, and female primary care patients aged ≥40 years. Measures. Measures included demographics, the Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Medicine, the SRFit Survey, and...
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Transitioning diabetes care responsibility from parents to adolescents is challenging. However, during adolescence, diabetes management and metabolic control is poor and continued parental involvement is advocated (Silverstein et al., 2005). Desirable diabetes and psychosocial outcomes occur when parents share responsibility or collaborate about diabetes care with their adolescents (Anderson et al., 1999; Helgeson et al., 2008; Vesco et al., 2010; Wysocki et al., 2009). Given the importance of s...
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DETECT is a nonparametric ``full'' dimensionality assessment procedure that clusters dichotomously scored items into dimensions and provides a DETECT index of magnitude of multidimensionality. Four factors (test length, sample size, item response theory [IRT] model, and DETECT index) were manipulated in a Monte Carlo study of bias, standard error, and root mean square error (RMSE) under the condition of unidimensionality. Bias, standard error, and RMSE of both DETECT indices increased as test le...
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Previous methodological and applied studies that used binary logistic regression (LR) for detection of differential item functioning (DIF) in dichotomously scored items either did not report an effect size or did not employ several useful measures of DIF magnitude derived from the LR model. Equations are provided for these effect size indices. Using two large data sets, the authors demonstrate the usefulness of these effect sizes for judging practical importance: the LR adjusted odds ratio and i...
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This secondary data analysis investigated differential item functioning (DIF) in the Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire (SPMSQ) across demographic subgroups. The study was conducted at an academic primary care group practice on 3,954 patients aged 60 years and older who completed the SPMSQ during routine office visits. After adjusting for overall cognitive ability, women were more likely than men to respond correctly to name-of-this-place andmother's-maiden-name items. African Americans ...
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Objectives: This study reports the social cognitive, health status, and health service use outcomes of an exercise intervention among women over 50 years of age. Methods: A random sample of patients was drawn from two primary care centers that serve a predominantly low-income and African American population. After provider screen, 412 women were eligible and invited to participate in the study. Of these, 123 participated and 1-year follow-up data are available for 72 participants.Results: Partic...
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