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In the last few decades, foreign language instruction in Higher Education institutions (HEIs) has changed from its traditional teaching mode (transmission of knowledge) to a more modern teaching mode (development of competences); however, this change has been implemented in disparate ways in different contexts around the globe. In terms of foreign language teaching (FLT) methodology in an international context, these changes may be seen to represent an Evolution, in certain contexts or a Revolut...
ESP books are usually treated with regard in the classroom. These learning and teaching materials are viewed as unbiased concerning the view of the teachers and institutions. Therefore, teachers and students usually accept the ESP books by challenging the content and assumptions expressed within the text. Since professional education should focus on enhancing students' ability for thinking, doing and making, it is important for the students to be able to view and question the topics critically. ...
English language learning is considered as a language that must be learned as it is needed in everyday life in local and global context. In response to students need to learn English, it is obvious that modern technology, i.e. modern environment is ‘ the ’ environment suitable for students’ prosperity nowadays. However, the longer and more complex things are to learn, the more the need to emphasise the importance of evolution in teaching English. This is because our society may be characterised ...
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