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A. Novo
University of Vigo
Publications 3
Published in Sensors 3.03
Jesús Balado , J. Martínez-Sánchez12
Estimated H-index: 12
+ -3 AuthorsA. Novo
In the near future, the communication between autonomous cars will produce a network of sensors that will allow us to know the state of the roads in real time. Lidar technology, upon which most autonomous cars are based, allows the acquisition of 3D geometric information of the environment. The objective of this work is to use point clouds acquired by Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) to segment the main elements of road environment (road surface, ditches, guardrails, fences, embankments, and borders)...
A. Novo (University of Vigo), H. González-Jorge16
Estimated H-index: 16
(University of Vigo)
+ 2 AuthorsHenrique Lorenzo17
Estimated H-index: 17
(University of Vigo)
Abstract. There is a complex relation between roads and fires. Several major wildfires were ignited near to roads (Morrison 2007) and how they progressed is an important role to understand the importance to forest management in this environment. Nowadays, a sustainable forest management is necessary both for environment and politics. One of the reasons of road management is that these infrastructures provide an effective firewall in case of forest fires and an escape route for the population. Fo...
L. M. González-de Santos (University of Vigo), J. Martínez-Sánchez12
Estimated H-index: 12
(University of Vigo)
+ 2 AuthorsP. Arias27
Estimated H-index: 27
(University of Vigo)
Abstract. Many inspection tasks of structures are already carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Most of these inspections consist of using payloads for close range remote sensing purposes (i.e. digital cameras, thermal or LiDAR sensors). In all these inspection tasks the UAV system does not need to be close to the structure and typically the GPS coverage is good to perform mission navigation. In this paper, a smart payload developed for navigation in the neighbourhood of structures is p...
J. Martínez-Sánchez12
Estimated H-index: 12
(University of Vigo),
L. M. González-de Santos (University of Vigo)+ 1 AuthorsH. González-Jorge16
Estimated H-index: 16
(University of Vigo)
Abstract. Image classification stands as an essential tool for automated mapping, that is demanded by agencies and stakeholders dealing with geospatial information. Decreasing costs or UAV-based surveying and open access to high resolution satellite images such as that provided by European Union’s Copernicus programme are the basis for multi-temporal landscape analysis and monitoring. Besides that, invasive alien species are considered a risk for biodiversity and their inventory is needed for fu...
Published on Apr 30, 2019in Traffic Injury Prevention 1.47
Jesús Balado (University of Vigo), L. Díaz-Vilariño1
Estimated H-index: 1
(University of Porto)
+ 1 AuthorsAna Novo (University of Vigo)
AbstractObjective: In this work, a roundabout and a turbo roundabout model are compared and previous modeling with continuous Petri nets and safety are analyzed through indicators of complexity. Petri nets are a graphic and mathematical representation that allow a faithful modeling of urban systems.Method: The methodology has been designed for the transformation of a real system to small subgraphs that represent the maneuvers in roundabouts, approximated as roads and lanes of incorporation. Plac...