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Zhen Zhang
Publications 1
Published on May 1, 2019in Ore Geology Reviews 3.39
Xiaoxia Duan12
Estimated H-index: 12
(Hefei University of Technology),
Xiao-xia Duan + 3 AuthorsZhen Zhang
Abstract In this study, we explore the chemistry of accessory apatite and zircon as tools to monitor the petrogenetic and metallogenetic processes involved in the formation of the Wushan Cu- and Zhuxiling W (Mo)-mineralization related granodiorite porphyry. The Wushan granitoids are metaluminous with A/CNK of 0.88−1.01, and the Zhuxiling intrusions are weakly peraluminous with higher A/CNK values (1.02−1.12). The Wushan granitoids have e Nd (t) values of -4.6∼-4.7, which, combined with the relat...